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  1. I have the following items I will be looking to sell: (10) fuschia crinkle taffeta sashes (10) orange crinkle taffeta sashes (36) fuschia crinkle taffeta 60"x60" table covers (36) fushia crinkle taffeta 60"x60" table covers (56) orange and fuschia chinese paper lantens of varying sizes (14", 18" and 22") PM me if you are interested or would like to see pics!
  2. BelindaChu, your wedding looks like it was beautiful! Congratulations!! I am also doing fushia and orange for colors. Did you pick your flowers and what they looked like, or did you just give them the colors and they made them up? I also sent you a PM about maybe sending me some more pictures. I'm so excited now, I have just over a month to go until mine!
  3. The package prices are different for each resort. I know the package at the Bavaro was about $300 more than the packages at the Punta Cana or the Dominicana. We are hoping to try to get upgraded to the Grand at the end of our trip, but opted not to have the wedding there because it was so much more expensive for us (and more importantly, our guests) to stay there. I think I still have the prices of the extras for the Bavaro, I'll try to find them and email them to you!
  4. Yes, you can make your hair appt. thru Santa - I just contacted her about mine last week for our April 8 wedding. I didn't know you had to book that far in advance, I was just trying to cross another thing off my to-do list!
  5. I'm having trouble deciding what to get my bridesmaids and hoping for some help! I am having my destination wedding in Punta Cana in April, and my only two maids have taken on throwing me a bridal shower and a personal shower in addition to paying for their trip, dress, and shoes. Needless to say, i'd like to get them something nice! Here are my ideas so far: Option A) One bigger gift - ideas include: - A small black or silver Coach purse (approx $150) - something they can use on the trip, the wedding day, and again anytime after. - A Kindle - Bose earbuds and a $50 itunes gift card (big into working out) Option A personalized beach bag ( http://www.exclusivelyweddings.com/Weddings/Ultimate-Beach-Bag ) filled with several smaller things such as: - bridesmaid wine glass and bottle of wine - Bath and Body Works type lotions - silver starfish bookmark - insulated mug and flip flops for trip - and whatever else I think of! Would you preferWouldWoWWould you prefer one bigger gift or the beach bag with several smaller gifts? Either way I will be giving them to them before we leave. Any suggestions for bigger or smaller gifts are also welcome!!
  6. I received an email today from the new wedding coordinator, Santa. She (or he?) confirmed that our renewal of vows ceremony is set for April 8th at 4:30pm on the beach...perfect!
  7. We are getting married at the Iberostar Bavaro in April. We also picked it because kids are allowed and because it offered different levels of service people wanted to spend more or less money. I've been to Iberostars, Rius, and Sunscape the Beach (which is now Dreams Punta Cana) - so far the Iberostars have definitely had the best service and overall experience for me! I know for us, flying from Iowa/Illinois, February and March were definitely going to be high season and more expensive with spring break, etc., so that's why we chose April. Good luck on your decision!
  8. I was (am) concerned as well! My wedding is 4/8/11 in Punta Cana, and we are getting ready to order our invitations with wedding/AHR info in the next few weeks....aaagh! I contacted our travel agent today and she did some research on it, she basically said the same as what Krys said above - not to worry yet, but just to keep an eye on the situation to make sure the number of cases doesn't start jumping. For now I think we are going to just watch and wait with our fingers crossed....although I may start looking for possible backup plans just in case it becomes necessary.
  9. For some reason it cut my words off my previous message - but Bride KSmith, your dress will be great! My dress is not one I pictured for the beach, nor what I thought I was looking for - but I gave in and got what I really wanted and can't wait to wear it! Who cares if it isn't a destination dress - you'll look fabulous!
  10. Quote:Originally Posted by Bride KSmith Here is my dress. I am so unsure about it. When I originally purchased it we were getting married in the spring in a garden behind a cute historic southern mini-mansion here in Georgia. Now I just dont think it will work with the vibe we will have in Cancun.
  11. Thanks for all your opinions, ladies. I loved both dresses, and actually almost had myself talked into Brianna because I thought it was more beach appropriate...but when I went back to try them both on, I couldn't say no to Jenna...especially after the sales person the second time around clipped it better to where it actually looked like it fit me. So, I ordered Jenna and am eagerly awaiting her arrival...eeeek!
  12. We are actually doing a renewal of vows ceremony and doing the paperwork part of the wedding here in the states to avoid some of the extra costs. Since we are doing the renewal, we were able to already pick a time. And we did not give a deposit, they don't require one (they may not even accept them). I just set a date via email.
  13. FI and I are getting married on the beach. I am in the middle of trying to pick out bridesmaid dresses, and am suddenly concerned about shoes. I was planning on picking out short dresses for them, but am wondering if some sort of flip-flop will be okay with a short "tradtional" bridesmaid dress? I don't want to make them buy heels AND flip flops in addition to their dress, so I'm just curious as to what your thoughts are on the whole shoes issue. What are your bridesmaids wearing on their feet?
  14. Ladies! I'm having a tough time choosing what colors I want to use. I was originally thinking fuschia and tangerine - which I still love. But I have also considered turquoise (or aqua) and lime green, or turquoise and tangerine. Â I think I am defintely leaning toward the fuschia/tangerine or the turquoise/tangerine, mostly because they give more options for flowers. I'm driving myself nuts here...help!
  15. We are doing it all the same place. We are staying at the Iberostar Bavaro for 13 days, arriving on a Tuesday and the wedding is on the first Friday. Most of our guests will be gone by the following Tuesday, so we will have the last 5 days or so to ourselves.
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