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  1. Beautiful dress!! Perfect for a destination wedding! congats!
  2. I used Citalli from Claudia Photo and she was fantastic! I posted a review for her under the vendor section. More expensive but very outside of the box kind of pictures. I thought a few looked like magazine covers. I don't know how they do that but she was fantastic. Claudia Photo books up very early so best to make a decision quickly!
  3. I just emailed my Lomas Travel coordinater exactly what I wanted. For bouquets and the cake, I sent her pictures of what I liked and she provided me quotes of what it would cost. That was much easier than trying to see the pictures online. They also took my bouquets and matched hanging bouquets and table bouquets to it. They did an excellent job.
  4. Amazing pictures! And you look beautiful in your dress! I love how the colors pop in the first photo. Very cool!
  5. when is your wedding? I'm not sure where Salon Dorado is. Is that in the main building?
  6. I booked Citlalli with Claudi Photo for 5 hours and she came and hour before the ceremony and stayed through the first dance of the reception. I wish I had booked her for another hour to capture more of the reception after people started dancing, etc. (once the booze was properly flowing). The random pics people took were great but some great professional shots would have been nice.
  7. Ours was "These Are The Days" by Van Morrison down in Mexico and our song for the AHR will be "True Companion" by Marc Cohn. This was a photo during our first dance. Love it!
  8. I was told that you are the most fertile the first 3 months after the pill and then goes down a bit from there. I just went off the pill 2 weeks ago so I'm hoping that fertility is true! I'm 38 so hoping there are still some eggs left. :-) I also bought the ovulation testers because if your not ovulating, then no chance you can have a baby - plus it narrows down your optimal time for you. Good luck everyone!!!
  9. I just posted my review of El Dorado Royale and my wedding in the vendor section for El Dorado Royale Casitas. I'm not sure how to link it. Its a very long review with a number of pictures. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions for your upcoming wedding! I know how much I utilized this site and was always happy to see when some new information came out!
  10. I saw that she has her own website so I wonder if you could hire her on her own and possibly get a discount. Somewhere off the resort of course so you didn't have to pay that crazy vendor fee!! :-)
  11. Go online to the Lomas Travel site and on the wedding page there is a Chat Live option. Get on there and ask for you WC, they will transfer you and you can talk to her instantly. That always worked best for me when I started to get impatient.
  12. She's totally worth it! And spoke perfect english which really helped the process. The day goes so quickly and turns into a giant blur. The only thing you have to remember the details from are the pictures so its worth it to spend a little extra. Good luck!!
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