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  1. Don't feel bad because I know the feeling. Majority of our families are the same way. The only reason my mother is coming is because I am paying for it. Otherwise she would be at home wanting to see pictures when we got back. So far she has not given any $$$$$, but wants to invite everyone under the sun the the shower.
  2. I want to know the same thing because I need 25 bags and I would like to buy the red.
  3. I am I missed this yesterday. I would like to know if you all know the best place in the area to get beach towels to add to my oot bags? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info. We are going 2 days before the wedding.
  5. Thank you for you opinion. I think I just may walk away from the deposit because I have this feeling that I will have a hard time trying to sell it.
  6. I put $380 for the deposit. The picture I have of the dress is not a very good picture.
  7. I put a deposit on a dress and it has come in, but there is an issue. I put the money on the dress because of the price. It is not the "IT" dress. My dilemma now is do I go ahead and keep the dress, do I lose my deposit and find the it dress, or buy the dress to sell it to buy the it dress. How difficult will it be for me to sell a size 12 dress?
  8. I am buying red pumps. Our colors are red, pink, and orange.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by eholt DMV brides, I am looking for photographers to do a boudoiur shoot in the area. The groupon for Brooke has expired or I simply can not find it. Any/all suggestions are welcome. I have searched online but figured I would check with the local BDW brides as well. I was give this site by a friend. Shelby Leigh Photography - MD Portrait & Wedding Photographer I have not decided yet if I am going to do boudoiur photos yet.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by rperalta930 I am getting married in Barbados and wanted to know if anyone knows any make up artist that I can go to while I am there Which resort are you getting married in?
  11. I am paying for all of my cost by myself even paying for my mothers' trip too. So no she is not contributing to anything. It is ALL on us.
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