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  1. I took a separate suitcase JUST for the items in my OOT bag.
  2. I found them online -- or on this website. I have attached the template incase you're interested. first_aid_kit_label[1].doc
  3. @Josie - I'm not sure. I started to collect things for in the bags over a period of almost a year. So I'd pick up things here and there as I came across them, so I don't have any idea what they cost per bag until all was said and done. I can tell you that nothing in the bag was expensive on it's own. I would peruse the dollar stores and e-bay regularly and pick things up as I found them at a good price. I hope that helps!
  4. I found them at Target. If you can't find them there, I'd check Amazon.com or ebay- I got a few things from both of those places as well.
  5. I think it depends on how formal you want your wedding to be. We invited our male guests to wear shorts as well and my husband opted for them as well. They were all comfortable and no one wore grubby shorts. Most of the ladies wore sundresses and my dress wasn't overly formal, so it worked for us.
  6. Here is the form you requested for proof of spinstership and/or bachelorhood. Affidavit for Turks Caicos.doc
  7. We did 1 per family. So in the room with my sister, her husband and kids, we did 1 bag ... but in 1 room we had 4 single guests - so we did one for each of them.
  8. Sllefebvr: I'll look - I don't think I have the image saved on my computer anymore, but I'll see if I can find it for you.
  9. Trimalusta - We tried to tip the gentleman who carried our bags to the room and he declined my husband's $$. We did not tip anyone, EXCEPT for the folks at the Spa and we did an snorkle trip and tipped the captain and his helper on the boat (and they accepted). Other than that, we didn't tip anyone else - and still got FANTASTIC service. Kendall
  10. @Wendy5512: I don't remember. I want to say we tipped like $50 to the captain and $25 to the skipper or something like that.
  11. Glad I could share something helpful! The girl at the scuba shop called and asked the "skipper" if he would be willing to do it because we wanted to do a snorkle trip, but had more people than they take on the hourly trips at the resort. He agreed. I believe my husband tipped the skipper and his assistant after the excursion -- but it was definitely cheaper than paying to privately charter the Katt! Wendy - Our airfare (out of BWI) was like $500 per person and that was for this past May.
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