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  1. Love the video Nat!!!! What a treasure to have. Hope you had a great honeymoon and can't wait to see some pics
  2. Hey Nat, Just log on here and saw your note!!! Congrats and can't wait to hear about it and see pics when you get back. I'm not on here as much any more but I will check in once in awhile to see if you are back. Hope all you other girls are doing great!!
  3. Congrats Sandy!!! Love your pics, sounds like you had a wonderful day
  4. We used Air Canada and had no problems. Even after the last payment date they still held the price for those that joined our group late. Sandy just thinking about you getting ready to leave, so excited for you!!! Hope you have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back
  5. Nat you pics are awesome!!! Can't wait to hear all about it
  6. Thanks Sandy!! Congrats on your legal ceremony!!! Isn't Patricia fantastic!!! We had so much fun too, did you go to her Condo? She has some great spots in there for pics.
  7. Love them Nat!! If you can bring one next time we get together
  8. Thanks girls!!! I still haven't gotten the CD's of my pics yet. Thought they would be here today.
  9. Hey Girls So good to see you again tonight. Here is the link to my photographer's website with some of our pics http://www.variastudio.com/blog.php
  10. Tuesday the 29th works for me
  11. Hey Pam I know exactly how you feel. Our week in Cuba was hectic. We hardly had any down time. Plus when we got home my work got extremely busy. I finally got to relax last weekend. So sorry to hear that you are not happy with your pics. I would be crushed if our pics didn't turn out. I still haven't gotten mine but I have my fingers crossed. Hope you are enjoying your time with your husband!!!
  12. Hey Pam, do you have any pics posted from your wedding?
  13. Perfect, I love that place. See you all then. I hope this works, here are a couple of pics of me at our wedding
  14. The 30th works for me, where are we meeting?
  15. Hey girls!! The 28th sounds good to me I'll go wherever
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