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  1. WhiteSand - DT is not a problem for having a newborn there. My MOH had her 4 month old with her during our wedding week, just make sure someone will be able to watch the baby on wedding day while you are getting ready and whenever you may need some alone time. You need 8 ft of organza to have it go across the canopy and hang all the way down on the sides I bought all of mine for about $80 and got 3 colors from www.paylessfabrics.com
  2. Yes I do have the bride tank still....PM me if you are still interested! I haven't been on the forum in months as I've been busy starting my own business so if interested in anything please PM me so it'll go to my email and I can respond quickly. I still have quite a few things for sale if there are any brides out there that can benefit. David’s Bridal gown size 2 - $130 Perfect TTD dress from Nordstrom’s size 2 - $150 18 OOT Bags - $3 each 12 votive candles - $2 2 bags of mini river stones - $2 each 10 raffia fans - $1 each 4 white lantern candle holders - $3 each 6 decks of playing cards - $1 each 1 orange burlap bag - $1 17 orange mini notebook and pen sets - $1 each 10 beach balls - $1 each (I also have 2 out of packaging that were never blown up if you need those) 7 suduko books - $1 each green, orange, and ivory organza canopy fabric - $50 2 medium sized blume boxes - $10 each 1 large blume box - $12 5 menu holders - $1 each Bride Tank designed on bridalpartytees.com - $10 (worn once and washed) Victoria’s Secret white ruffle cover-up never worn - $20 Martha Stewart Sand dollar /Starfish paper cutter - $10 Mr. & Mrs. Table sign - $20 2 packets of wet ones - $1 each 4 real touch centerpieces - $40 each 2 real touch bouquets with orange calla lilies and green cymbidium orchids - $30 each Metallic Cream Linen Card Stock 84#, 8 1/2 x 11 from paperandmore - $20 Studio Suits Beige Linen Suit - $120
  3. Sorry I'm just now seeing this. I hope you got in touch with Angel with no problems, I just love her! I actually had a friend last month who is getting married in Feb. and when she contacted Angel she used my name so Angel said she would make a special exception and add her order since her wedding is in Feb. so she can be pretty awesome about things. As far as reception goes I absolutely loved having our reception at the Dolphin Pool it was perfect I wouldn't change the location at all. Also to all brides make sure you take extra care of your wait staff because they are amazing...we actually pulled ours out on the dance floor with us and everything. We did the rehearsal dinner in the wine center which is great, but for a reception you can't do much for music so if you are planning on dancing that's not where you want to be. We also found the wine cellar to be very hot, so perfect for rehearsal dinner's or a no dancing reception, but not otherwise. Just work with Fernando on the wine cellar not the WC's.
  4. I haven't been on here much since my wedding in May but I thought I would pop in and see how everyone is doing. You won't actually be allowed to start your reception until 7. A little wonderful thing they fail to tell you until you actually get there because we had been planning for 6:30 up until the time we met with Anabel. So your reception will last from 7-9....I think ours lasted closer to 10 but they didn't charge us extra for it we were having too much fun dancing and they kinda took forever to serve dinner so I think they just let us go. I found local florist from here on the forum and then just emailed them. Yep it sure was. Here is what I had, going with real touch and using Angel was the best decision I made. Couldn't have been happier! That seems a little steep. They wanted to charge me an extra $160 since I brought my own organza fabric but I told her that my husband was going to set it up bc I wasn't paying that....she then said that they would take care of it with no added fee since I didn't have too many other decorations for the ceremony. I got 8 yards of 3 different fabrics. I personally hate tulle so I had to get organza, and it was wonderful because the butterflies love it! They were inside it the entire ceremony. People will complain regardless, it's what they do when you have a DW you just have to shrug it off. I don't know how your TA works but most of the time they will price match. My TA would price match anything at a lower rate that we found so I encouaged people to find lower rates and even found some myself for some our guests and then sent that info to the TA and they took care of it from there. As for photographers there are a ton, are you looking just for TTD? I flew in Jillian Mitchell who is awesome for our wedding/TTD. Are you dead set on having an aisle runner? I had the ultimate package but I chose not to use it, I didn't really like the way it looked once I saw it we just lined the aisle way and walked in the sand which I thought was perfect. We had a long single table by the Dolphin Pool, you can see the pics in my review if you check that out. It was absolutely beautiful and I was worried about linens in the beginning but the linens they use are great it's just a basic white pintuck. Just remember girls...breath. I know it's hard, it was hard for me when everyone said don't stress. Literally as soon as we entered the lobby at DT I stopped stressing I no longer cared about any of the details that I had fretted over for months and months because you are in paradise about to marry the man of your dreams surrounded by the people who love you most. Honestly, not else matters at that point. Once I met with Anabel everything I thought I was going to tell her went out the window, I have her a suitcase full of our stuff and pictures of how I wanted the canopy fabric and the centerpieces lined up. Then I said whatever to the rest of it and went back to the pool. My husband was super happy that I was such a "chill" bride as he says.
  5. The cost per bottle of wine ranges from $25-$60 per bottle. It all depends on what you get really but I think for 15 of us it came around $200 something. I don't know the exact total because my FIL paid for it. We used an outside photog who stayed off site, and we also used the resort photog. The guy from the resort was present for our cocktail hour it worked out great. Florist: I used Angel from Angel accents and got all real touch flowers since I was picky on my flowers. I strongly recommend not using the resort if you know exactly what you want because they charge so much more than an outside florist. If it's something relatively simple then the resort wouldn't be a problem but my centerpieces cost me $45 a piece and the resort wanted to charge me $425 for the same thing. Just an idea of cost differences....also I contacted other florist in the area and they were all charging me between $45-$65 for the same centerpiece. Dance floor: you don't need a special dance floor for dancing you just need an area to dance. Dance floors are not necessary at all, we just danced on the cement by the pool where our reception was held. I never once even considered getting a dance floor while planning. The beach is great at night, and I don't know when you're going to be there but we were there in May and we never had any problems with bugs.
  6. bump bump I still have a lot of great items for sale. Please PM me with only serious inquiries.
  7. HulaGirl - I do still have fans they vary between 7 and 10 inches. I ordered the mugs from discountmugs.com and put stickers on them from onlinelabels.com. If you're interested in the fans please pm me, I don't check the actual forum that often. Just had our AHR and I still have lots of stuff I need to get rid of so just wanted to bump this thread. Hope some brides out there can use these things. Also the white lanterns are still available the person interested decided not to take them.
  8. No there were no extra fees. Remember don't go through the WC just go directly through Fernando if you are wanting to use the Wine Cellar. As far as temperature goes it was perfect the whole time we were there, the beach breeze is amazing it was never cold but never unbearable. We didn't have a dance floor so we didn't pay for one, but that's a personal choice I suppose as to if you want one or not.
  9. I love the announcements you made Maggie!! Well girls my pictures have arrived!!!! My CD of images should arrive in the mail today so I can start making my slideshows for the AHR this weekend and get everything printed out. There are quite a few but if anyone wants to check them out go to www.jillianmitchell.net click on clients go to Veronica+Adam and just put in your email address.
  10. No everything will be done at the AHR location, there is a patio off from our room that will have a TV to show the video that I finally got clipped down to 23 minutes. I'm really starting to panic though bc I still don't have our pro pics back!!! I know she has 6 weeks but this is week 6 so I'm a little on edge I don't want to have to be putting this together the very last minute. We're also going to print out all of our pics and string them on clothes line as well....that is if I ever get them.
  11. yes the luggage tags are gone, I still have 60 loops left though if you would like them The white lanterns are now spoken for as well. I just added 2 pictures of the David's bridal gown!!
  12. I just met with our coordinator for our AHR Tuesday night to confirm menu selection. We're doing a 2 piece AHR we're doing an afternoon cocktail reception with just hor'dourves for everyone and then whoever wants to is invited back to our house afterwards. The AHR is mostly informal, it's just mingling a chance for people to see us, watch our wedding video, and see the pics....which I still don't have yet!!! EEK I hope I get them soon so I can actually do everything I was planning with them since they are the main focal point of the AHR. I also need to build our DIY photobooth this weekend.
  13. Here this should help. Dear Family and Friends, The waiting is finally over!! Welcome to sun, sand and relaxation…welcome to…….! We feel very lucky to have you here at our wedding in the Riviera Maya, and we are especially honored that you have traveled to be here with us. Many years from now when we look back upon our life and our wedding day we will remember that it was not the flowers or food that made our day so special; our memories of sharing this with you, our friends and family, will be what we cherish the most. Having you here for our celebration has made our wedding truly wonderful and we thank you for sharing in one of our happiest occasions. Included in your welcome bag is some information to help make your trip a wonderful experience. Enjoy the goodies; they are just a small token of our appreciation. Please make the most of your week with us at ….. We hope the next few days will be as memorable for you as it will be for us. With Love and Appreciation, XXX & XXX
  14. haha yes I want to go back and do it all over again every week! Hubby and I planned our next 3 anni trips before our wedding so we consistently have something to look forward too!
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