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  1. hey... here's a different idea. check out craigslist for a beach house/vacation rental. since it'll be less likely you'll be dealing with companies it would be more personal. but more time would be spent on checking it out online. I'm planning an intimate beach wedding as well so I can understand the frustration of it.
  2. Hi everyone. I am currently engaged and am in the midst of planning my own wedding, but I've come across a sticky situation and I wanted to get some input on how to best handle this. Two friends who I play soccer with are getting married and the wedding is in a couple of weeks. Everyone that plays soccer with them and even one of my ex-boyfriends (who they barely see/talk to) received an invitation but I didn't. I did get an invitation to the bridal shower though. I emailed the bride about it and she said that I was definitely invited to the wedding and asked what kind of dinner I wanted. She then told me that she would send me the information on the wedding. I contacted her again about the information but have yet to receive no reply. Her and her fiance haven't played soccer with us this season, and I am not sure when I will see them again. But I have yet to receive any information. The wedding is in the first week of March and I do not want to feel that I am inviting myself to the wedding, but I am getting the feeling that my presence isn't wanted, otherwise I would have the information already. Advice?
  3. Thank goodness for a thread like this. My fiance and I are planning on moving to Australia after we get married, so we won't want to have anything extra to get rid of. I'm sure your guest will understand about the wishing well. To me, having a registry is the same as asking for cash anyways.
  4. my goodness... this site is amazing. I already found candles and lace for my wedding. Thank you for the great find!
  5. This is so great... same kind of feel that I want for my invites. Thank you so much and congrats!
  6. I love this post! so happy that I found it at the beginning of my engagement. Thanks!