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  1. *UPDATE* I am REALLY GLAD I had an all-white wedding, as I have always dreamed of one. It looked amazing...and the pictures were beautiful! I told my guests, via our wedding website just that...as suggested by Neen: " We are dreaming of an all-white wedding. White weddings represent the purity of love which is what we pray we will always share throughout our marriage. In keeping with this theme, we ask that guests wear white ensembles to the ceremony...."white" can be white, off-white, wintersilk, magnolia white, tan, beige, eggshell...whatever shade of white you wish! Feel f
  2. Hey: I have stayed at a few resorts in Punta Cana and got married there. The Dreams is beautiful and so it the Iberostar. If we want an up scale locale, then try the Paradisus Punta Cana or the Majestic Colonial. I think you may be disappointed if you go to a RIU property in Punta Cana...depending on the type of holiday you are after. Hope this helps!
  3. Hey: I have 2 bands and did this as well....wore my engagement ring on the right and had both bands on my wedding finger. We just changed them into the proper order for the pictures. I also have a 3rd band that I used during out Christian at-home ceremony...so it gives me options and choice.
  4. I have a Sunquest horror story that began like yours...NOT TO FRIGHTEN YOU, but to let you know what happened to me last year and what you can do about it. Six months before my wedding, Sunquest said the flight was sold out. We were getting married at the RIU Palace Macao and Sunquest is the exclusive provider of the RIU resorts in Canada. We were shocked...so early in advance? And so we other arrangements for our guests of land only with Sunquest and other flights from other carriers. Then suddenly, the flight was available again....and more guests booked...weird, no? Then t
  5. We had an all child wedding party consisting of a flowergirl, ring bearer and bible bearer between the ages of 7 and 10....no adult participants. It worked out just fine...and much cuter. It was cheaper too because kids fit off the rack ! If i had to do it over, I would have 6 kids to even it out...still no adults. And kids steal the show My niece, my flower girl acted as MOH...she held my bouquet and parasol at the alter, which meant a lot to her.
  6. From one beliver to another, I can really appreciate what you are saying. So I am sending encouragement your way It is true that our weddings are stressful times and possible that stress is getting the best of us all. But it is equally important to think this through carefully, pray and ask God for His guidance...because He loves you so much and always wants what is best for his children. Of all that you have said, the issue of trust sticks out to me. It suggests that there is more going on than wedding stress about budget and menu. If trust is an issue, my concern is that you are
  7. And if I may one more time... I've been married for 3 months now and let me tell you...a DW was the best decision we made. Not because of all of the fun we had, but for some very practical reasons. First off: we invited 171 friends and family members to our DW, knowing that many would not make it. What we did not expect was that some would not even REPLY. To this day, we have yet to recieve our RSVP cards back or a word about if they even recieved our invitation. They have not even called to congratulate us on our recent nuptials. It showed us how much we actually mean to some peop
  8. We contemplated working with them because we were getting married at the Riu Palace Macao. I was very nervous about using them because: * the quality of work displayed on their website is not very good. There is lots of shadow and grainy images.There wedding video is terrible. * their price had doubled from when we first contacted them to book *I did not find that they responded to emails So after thinking it over, we decided to bring a photographer with us instead...AND I AM SO HAPPY WE DID! On Caribbean street is the Antilla store. I walked in and talked to the
  9. We stayed at the Palace Macao and got married at the gazebo at the Palace Punta Cana. In terms of architecture and ammenities, the resorts are WORLDS apart! There is a majestic elegance about the palace Punta Cana that cannot be rivalled by the Macao. The PPC is truly palacial...if you go to the Macao expecting a palace, you will be truly disappointed. Having said that, I was told by those staying at the PPC that the quality of food and service is comparable. If you have a choice, choose the PPC....I wish I had. Your guests will thank you....
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Celina Beautifulbridetobe - I think it is awesome that you stood with your mom the night before the wedding! What a wonderful memory to have Thanks. Actually, I stayed with my mom the entire week until I got married. We arrived on a Thursday and our wedding was 5 days later on the Tuesday. We came together on our wedding night and for the remainder of the trip and for our honeymoon.
  11. I have waited so long to post to this thread What I would do again Have a destination wedding: I am home now, married and debt-free! It was all the tropical elegance that I wanted. Had an all-white wedding: we asked all guests to wear white and shades of white. It looked FABULOUS and elegant. Even the reluctant guests, said it looked great!The pictures are amazing. Took a leisurely bubble bath on my wedding day, journalled and prayed. It grounded me and I remember it. It brought me peace and I have record of how I felt and what I was thinking on my wedding day. S
  12. Have not done a thing...and need to. Not sure why...just no motivation, although I know bikini bodies don't grow on coconut trees...
  13. If I have learned anything during this season of planning my wedding, it is how inwardly focussed guests, friends and family can be. As brides, we must realize quickly that most people want us to have the wedding that THEY want us to have...the one that suits them, their schedule, their wallet, their taste in food and music, during a time of day when the sun is shining on their good side, where the carpet will not interfere with their new shoes and the cake is lactose-free because they have an allergy! They will complain about anything that does not suit them, ignoring the wishes and wa
  14. I've seriously been thinking about this as I have one person that I did not invite to the wedding because I know that she cannot afford to, I did not want to embarass her, we ran out of invitations and we had to realistically start cutting back on the guest list.I was not worried that she would hear I was getting married and she wasn't invited because we do not flow in the same circles at all. She is an older woman and a dear motherly friend to me. But the more I think of her, the more saddened I become when thinking about not having her at my shower beacuse etiquette dictates that only
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