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  1. Thanks Sap for your help! I will certainly look at Princess PUnta Cana! I appreciate it very much! Best of luck on your wedding planning! Best regards, Jess
  2. Hello ladies, I hope you are all well and excited about your wedding planning. Best wishes to all of you! This wonderful website has been a great help to me during my wedding planning. I have also tried to give back by providing my own wedding review and other trips in destination wedding planning. It has been two years since we got married in Cabo San Lucas. We would like to visit Punta Cana for our anniversary. I would like to ask your help in choosing the best all-inclusives in the area. I tried Trip Advisor but I have a feeling some of the negative reviews are not true. I have always trusted the feedback from this site so I thought I would ask for your help. Thanks again! Best to all! Jess
  3. Love the work and personality of Nathaniel Thompson! Congratulations again!
  4. I love your teasers! You looked beautiful and your husband is so handsome! Nathaniel seems like a great guy and a wonderful photographer. Too bad we already had our wedding. Congratulations to you and your new husband. Enjoy married life!
  5. I can understand how devastated you must be feeling right now, especially after all the planning and all the excitement regarding your wedding. I had a destination wedding and I would have felt the same it had happened to us. Whatever happens, I am sure there will an opportunity in the future to get together again with your loved ones and do something special. If you are intent on having a beach wedding, there are also beautiful beaches here in the US. Whatever your plans may be, it will all work out someday. What is most important is that you will be sharing your life with the man you love. For so many out there, true love remains elusive. I wish you all the happiness. Best, Jessica
  6. JW Marriott is a beautiful resort but pricey. And from last time we were in Oahu, we found it to be quite a distance from Waikiki. Get the book "Oahu Revealed" from Amazon. It is a great guide to restaurants and everything about Oahu.
  7. Ana, you were a gorgeous bride. Your wedding dress, hair and make-up looked perfect on you! Congratulations and have a blessed married life! It is also great to see again one of the most beautiful brides here on BDW ever-- our Edyta-- the girl that inspired so many with her bridal hairstyle! :-)
  8. Congratulations!!! You looked so beautiful on your wedding day! I especially love your wedding gown! It fits perfectly and you looked so hot in it! Definitely one of the best wedding gowns I have seen in a while. And Elizabeth is a wonderful photographer, definitely one of the best!!! Have a happy married life!!!
  9. I love the North Shore in Oahu too. Ko'Olina is also nice. Kauai is my fave island. Grand Hyatt Kauai is the nicest resort we have ever stayed at. The North Shore in Kauai is also beautiful. Hopefully you will be able to go on a tour of Na Pali coast.
  10. I LOVED your pictures! You looked very beautiful! And it looked like you had a truly happy wedding! I enjoyed watching the whole slideshow! Nathaniel seems like a real nice person and I think it is SO important that you get along well with your wedding photographer. I know quite many who have had him as a photographer were very happy with him. Have a wonderful married life!
  11. Thank Rachel and Casey! It was a most memorable moment! Happy Wedding Planning!
  12. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment LeAnne! Best of luck on your wedding planning! Happy HOlidays to you and your loved ones!
  13. Hello friends, Ed Pingol's photo of us has been featured on Pocket Wizard website! Check it out at www.pocketwizard.com. It is the third picture in the slideshow. This was shot in Oahu, Hawaii last August. This was the comment made by our photographer, Ed Pingol, "we just got word that some of our images got featured on the pocket wizard website. this is huge considering how big the company is and how many photographers use these products world-wide. we're basically representing the wedding photographers who use off-camera lighting. check out the screen grab. woo hoo!!!" Ed Pingol is also a member of this forum. You can check out their work at www.edpingol.blogspot.com.
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