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  1. Hey Josie - well I have to say first off you are the cutest couple - and he is likely breathing a sigh of relief that you don't shop or anything else that could leave him in debt again...My FI is the same - he was left with a load of debt that she had incurred - but the there was alot of joint stuff that he got left with - guh - anyway - I think you likely are comparing yourself to one of those Paris Hilton type girls? Slutty and useless?? LOL - This helps me realize how stupid I have been in thinking about the ex I have to deal with...
  2. LOL - LOVE it...we are changing the date by a few months tho - we rae going to get married on our 4 year anniversary and it gives us a little more time to save money for the big day Ladies - I thank-you so much for your input - ex's totally suck - I was never like this with my ex-husband - and he and I remain friends because he is not being an ass*ole - I don't know why the laws dictate the amount of money - I think my FI got screwed but what do I know - his lawyer basically told him to take the deal and run - some deal - leaves him with $50 every two weeks for the next couple of years
  3. Thanks Josi and Kat I appreciate your kind words Yours Truly - she does have more money b/c she is getting all of my FI money - as for personailty - phoney b*tch - body - yeah not so much - I was having a moment when I was looking at my FI during another time of his life and I felt a little insecure - not feeling that way anymore so I think I have it in "perspective"
  4. Hi everyone sorry I haven't posted - we keep changing our mind - Crystal to answer your question about Antigua it was the water/beach that did it for me - I am a total beach person so when I saw the gorgeous beach I was in love We are still undecided though :S
  5. See - you girls are great - I knew it was being stupid - you are right - gut reaction to seeing the wedding pictures - they both looked good on their wedding day - but they are not the same people they were then - obviously or I would not be in the picture - and with the DW - that is a different as it gets Thanks for the input ladies - I feel better already - jsut needed to get it out since it was bugging me so much. I agree - he wouldn't have a clue about the material LOL
  6. Okay so today I was at my future FIL's house as the family is getting the house ready to be sold (FIL is elderly and unwell) - Today my fiance's daughter came over to go through some things and found her parents wedding album....so of course out of curiousity (sp) I want to see the pictures - now granted it was a long time ago - and he is 16 years older than I am so I was a kid when he married her. But here is the problem - the wedding gown was made of chiffon - my gown that I have half paid for is chiffon - now this is the stupid part - it is bugging me to the point where I am thinking
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by taxchick Are there any Aruba brides still out there? Did anyone review thier wedding for Aruba? I can't find anything in the search. I am going to Aruba for vacation in two weeks, so I plan to scout out a few resorts while I'm there. It would be nice to hear thoughts on how the wedding went though. Thanks Me too please - I am considering Aruba as well and would love to hear what other have to say
  8. Hi ladies - just wondered if anyone has looked at this resort as an option?
  9. LOL - you made me laugh about the red or white wine LOL - hehehehhe true Canadian girl you are!!
  10. Sun Palace looks gorgeous too - I just love the beach on the main Cancun strip it is so stunning - the pictures will be amazing!!
  11. You look awesome - that dress fits you like a glove - well done!!!
  12. Looking forward to your review Katken - enjoy your big day and your honeymoon!!! I just showed FI the pic's of Le Blanc and he says it looks very nice LOL - Mind you I have shown him a million different places so for him they are all blending together - as he says "they all look nice" LOL
  13. I wouldn't even worry about it - she may not even get pregnant - and even if she did I would have to say it shouldn't make a difference and you should be happy for her :S
  14. I just visited there for a few weeks - it was really nice - I only stayed in Glasgow the night before I flew home though. As for booking - no we are waiting until about 6 months before - we are eloping so it is just us and maybe a couple of friends if they want to come - otherwise just us - and hopefully we can pick up someone to be witnesses for us LOL - Hopefully you will get to book soon!!
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