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  1. I had 3 songs that actually got played. One for the wedding party walking down, one for the sand ceremony and one for the presenting of the marriage certificate. They replayed my sand ceremony song over and over while we were signing the marriage certificate and everything. I had lots more songs but that was fine. It was where we were and what we were doing that was important!
  2. I just went to Paradise Cove while on my honeymoon and oh my, the food was wonderful! So was the entertainment! If I remember right it was like $34 per person + transfer fees. We also got 2 drink tickets with that. *Purple Sunset* YUM!!!! lol Just an idea
  3. Yes I did. I think it is under the thread about RMB dates.... Then a couple other places too, if you have any questions just ask!!!! Beautiful place!!!! You will be sooooo happy you chose this resort!
  4. I am taking my honemoon in HAWAII!!!! SO So excited!!! Any suggestions or pointers? We booked today and are leaving in less then a month!!!! THanks in advance!
  5. Beautiful!!!!! Wish I had some of the shots that you got! Our photographer was very rushed! Oh well I will take more at home recep. haha sucks to be my husband who hates pictures!!!!!
  6. Got my marriage certificates on Monday! That was so fast! We got married 55 days ago and have had our certificates for 2 days now! Now is all the worries of getting everything done and name changed everywhere! OH boy makes me tired thinking about it all! That is great that it came so early, now I can get my taxes done and put that money towards my honeymoon in HAWAII! (And to our AH Receptiong that is also coming up very soon!)Goodluck ladies!
  7. I got married there on December 4, 2008! It was AMAZING! A friend of mine went to Riu Ocho Rios for her honeymoon 2 months prior to us going for our wedding and she saw our pics when we got back and said MoBay was WAY better!!!!! Good luck, it is so amazing, Remember.......................RELAX! Every little detail doesn't have to be planned out perfectly, no one will notice if something is a little off..... I had an amazing time. I created a website if you pm me I will pass it along , I don't want everyone and there brother to have all access to all my pics though. lol There kinda a private thing you know!
  8. I'm so sorry for your loss, I had white roses with a sheer white ribbon tied on them and cancer ribbons hot glued in the middle of the ribbons in momory of our grandfathers , my uncle and a good friend that died right before we left for Jamaica. If I can find pictures I will try and post. We presented them to his mom for her dad, his dad for his father, my grandma for my grandfather and my uncle. It was beautful. THey all cherish them. I used fake flowers so they wouldn't die.... Just an idea... So so so for your loss.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by KellyG24 What is everyone going to do for the time between their ceremony and reception? My ceremony is at 2 and I personally don't like the idea of having a cocktail hour. I assume that photos will be taken until 3:00, but then what do we do until 6:30? I contacted a excursion/tour company for some ideas, but not many make 3 hour trips. Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do around MoBay for that inbetween time? I too got married at 2pm and our reception was at 6:30, we didn't do anything. To tell you the truth, everyone liked the break in between, most of the guests went and played volleyball in the pool but some took a nap!!!! Don't feel you need to entertain the whole time, that is what the entainers are for... Enjoy your wedding, it was soooo much fun!!!!
  10. Good luck ladies, my vote is in!!!! Happy New Year!
  11. Your passports and birth certificates are already noritized. You don't have to get them done again. If they are "OFFICIAL" copies, they are noritized with "the seal" meaning they are real. Also GOOD LUCK, I sent my documents REGISTERED MAIL (Guarenteed in 6 weeks and have to be signed for) And they never got my documents!!!!! I just got married 2 weeks ago and still trying to find where my documents are in the mail service! But no fear ladies- take an extra photographed copy of you passports, driver's license and birth certificate just in case, that is what I did and they got everything taken care of.... I'm mad I went and spent all that money to send the documents and they never got there!
  12. I just got married 2 weeks ago atRiu Montego Bay and that resort and beach are AMAZING!!! I have a friend that honeymooned 2 months ago at ROR and she saw the video and pictures and said our resort was WAY clear and the beach looked a lot nicer. She said there was lots of sea weed. At our resort the water was warm, the sand was soft and warm also....
  13. I got married at RMB 2 weeks ago today.... It was SO SO beautiful..... Very stress free.... I got married at 2 and the reception was at 6.... Don't feel like you have to plan every minute for your guests!!! My attendants and I walked down to the same song and then we did our vows, walked over the sand ceremony table(another song), signed marriage license(another song), went back and finished with a prayer and announce us as husband and wife, and went straight into taking pictures (no walking back down the "isle" if that is what you want to call it. IT wasn't like a look walk if you were in a church and go between 2 section of chairs, I walked in front of everyone past the front row from the side ) which took a little bit, (in the mean time our photographer had a waiter get a round of drinks from the bar for us while taking pictures) THen we walked back to our rooms, some people stayed in their rooms and rested, so changed and went swimming, we went and chose our photos and we were changed and back to the photoshop by 4 and it took MAYBE 5 minutes to take my dress off and change into "comfy" clothes for a short time.... We actually went and booked another excurion for the next day in between time for the reception.....Most everyone changed their clothes for the reception, make things as relaxed as possible is my biggest piece of advice.... Don't feel like you need a timed schedule because you are going to be in Jamaica and they use "island time" which means if you have a schedule I can guarentee that it won't get followed. hope this helps!!!!
  14. RMB's outlets work for the 2 prng but not ground, but really what would you take with you that needs a ground It would have to be something that uses lots of electricity. One thing that I wish I would have taken though is an extension cord because when we were doing our hair we only had one outlet in the bathroom and one by the mini bar and one other one so we had to keep moving the curling irons and flat irons around. Just a suggestions!
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