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  1. I don't know if I am 5th, 6th or what...but I will add my support for Nathaniel too! It would definitely be a decision you'd never regret! It will be six months tomorrow since our wedding and there has not been a single day since that I have not looked at our photos or slideshow! Nathaniel captured the day so perfectly it allows me (and my husband and family) relive it whenever we feel like it! And to top it all off we have awesome memories of having Nathaniel with us at the rehearsal dinner, wedding and hanging out in downtown PV for the TTD too! He is just a very cool guy! I'll also add that Kelley would be thrilled to see him back at Las Caletas! She said he was a joy to have there! Good luck with you decision and your planning!
  2. Yael you look incredible! And your wedding was beautiful. Congrats on your marriage and on having such stunning photos to remember it by! I bet you are on the edge of your seat waiting for the rest... Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host yael, you look awesome and nathaniel did an amazing job...is he as nice in person as he is on the forum? just wondering And I can also definitely answer a big, huge YES to this one! Nathaniel is exactly the same in person as he is on the forum, which is to say he is AWESOME! We loved having him at our wedding! I can't imagine any couple and their family that wouldn't instantly love having him as part of the wedding day. I know mine did and it sure sounds like Yael's did too!
  3. Hi everyone! I thought I would check back in with BDW. It has been a while Congrats to all the recent brides on their fabulous weddings! I am so excited to see all your pictures. I'm a little late but I have pictures of my table set up below -- FYI...I brought down the table clothes myself, but it was easy to do since they packed down super small and I just asked my wedding party to each take one. Table setting with centerpieces, candles, and you can see napkin folding -- I had wanted to bring down yellow ribbon to tie around the napkins but decided last minute not to bother -- wish I had, but oh well! Close up of place setting so you can see the wine and champage glasses Tables at night after dinner
  4. DH ended up getting his suit through JCrew but we also went to Tom's Place in Kensington Marktet and they had some great, very affordable suits as well. Worth checking out!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by brittbrodin Okay, girls! I FINALLY posted my review. Check it out here! And, please just ask if you have any questions, I know I had to have missed some of the details http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...270#post749186 Congrats on your wedding Brittany! You looked stunning and the wedding looked perfect! Just FYI, I posted the link to my pro pics web albums along with some samples here http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...644#post757495
  6. Hi everyone -- I posted my review and slideshows earlier but I got so mush great inspiration from pictures on this site while planning that I thought I would post some of the other incredible images I got back from Nathaniel last month. There's a sampling below and link the picasa web album for those Las Caletas and PV brides who might be interested in seeing more (there are more from the rehearsal dinner and the TTD too). Rehearsal dinner album Wedding Day Album TTD Album Vista Grill View
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by JaimeLynne I'm just now getting caught up to this thread. Congrats to all the newly married LC girls!!!! Pazoop - your pics were amazing, made me tear up actually Thanks JamieLynne! We love our slideshow and I'm expecting the rest of pics back from Nathaniel in the next day few days! I'm so excited I can't stand it! In the meantime, he's posted our wedding on his blog and given a great mention to Las Caletas and to Kelley and Nicole... Nathaniel Thompson's Photography Blog
  8. I just did cupcakes for my wedding last month -- my husband and I have long been known for our love of cupcakes so it seemed very fitting! Plus we both had also never tasted a wedding cake we liked. Well, we both loved the cupcakes and so did our guests! Some people had 3 or 4 cupcakes! There were so yummy! I sent my wedding coordinator a picture essentially identical to yours (we also had one giant cupcake on top so that we could do a tradition cutting of the "cupcake"). We only paid what worked out to $6 per cupcake though -- quite a bit less and for what looks like the exact same thing. We had 75 cupcakes in three different flavors (chocolate cake-vanilla icing, vanilla cake-chocolate icing, key lime) and it also looks there are three different icing flavors in your photo. I think the total was $450. Hope this helps.
  9. Thank you so much Ann! I would also love the opportunity to do it all again -- if only so I could pay more attention to all those details the second time around! There was so much going on all night that it went by in a blur...I barely remember what happened! Even adding the extra hour before I knew it we were being escorted back to the boat to go home
  10. Hi Karen -- I booked with Nathaniel over a year ago now and I am almost positive prices have changed since then. I think photography is always one of the most expensive parts of a DW, and if you're paying for a professional photographer I know you can generally expect to pay in the thousands of dollars. But it is well worth it to have someone who you trust and enjoy document all the amazing memories and Nathaniel really captured the details and the emotion of the day for us so perfectly, I just can't say enough. He's is really great about responding to email so I would just send him a quick note giving him the details about your wedding and what you want, and ask him about pricing. His email address is:nathaniel@nathanielthompson.com
  11. We brought the 5 bottles of tequila for the tequila tasting table ourselves so they were already bough and paid for -- we assigned that to our two members of our wedding party for once we got down to PV and they found some nice bottles including two bottles of flavored tequila which Kelley recommended looking out for just as something new, different and interesting. I don't think it cost anything extra though to have them set up the shot glasses, limes and salt (but I did let her know ahead of time that we would be doing the station and asked if those things could be set up). The table was huge hit! Not everyone tried the tequila but those who did had a blast!
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