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  1. Mrs. Martin - congrats on your beautiful baby boy! He looks just perfect - and the nursery looks really peaceful too. Too bad about all the trouble with nursing him. Hopefully he's getting the hang of it and it'll get easier for you. It was funny how you said you freaked out during labour and asked for a C-section. I've heard that girls say lots of weird stuff during labour. Sounds like you did a great job though and that your DH was a rock star too!
  2. Shea - Jada is just gorgeous! Congratulations Are you enjoying being a mommy? It's hard to believe she's already over 5 months old... Summer - Mikka is super precious. That tutu is so cute. I can't even imagine how small it must be. You'll have to bring it out to show her when she's grown up. Congrats on your pregnancy, Twinkletoes! Mrs. Martin - look at you -updating the bdw'ers while you were in labour! Holy crap! Congratulations on Matthew's entrance into the world. Hopefully he's well on the way to healing from the circumcision by now. Kerrington is so adorable, Kelly. Such great pics with her big sister too! Angel - Zariah looks like such a fun baby! I could see just staring at her all day long. Tleesag, GeminiLibra, Jenn - so many more babies on the way. This is an exciting time! GeminiLibra - Dh just told me about this full moon stuff the other day. I'd never heard of it. Thanks for the links! I think the full moon in November is really early (like the 3rd or something) so I don't know if it'll affect me (due Nov 17). But I'm definitely going to read up on it. I hope it helps you out! By now you're probably already induced and on your way to meeting your little one.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by midnight24 this is my dog chuckals!!! Omg he's so cute! what breed? He's so adorable he doesn't even look real! Do people tell you that? We get that all the time with Cubby. It's the teddy bear look.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege I'm more terrified than excited I think. I'm sure I'm somewhat excited, but the fear is out weighing that. I can totally get that... but she's gotta come out and it's going to be so worth it to meet her!
  5. I love your dark hair - it really is stunning. But you need to feel beautiful on your wedding day, so that means going with what colour makes YOU feel your best. I voted brown with highlights because maybe that would make you feel good. But you'd have to be careful with h ighlights that they don't look fake.
  6. I like 1 and 3. I think that your shape looks best and is flattered by dresses that are either mermaid or trumpet style. 2, 4 and 5 are not fitted enough and don't flatter you as much. Once you nail down the fit you like best on yourself it helps! Good luck
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege Happy Friday ladies! I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and I'm 3cm, 90% effaced and at 0 station. She also swept my membranes (yeah... that hurt). But yet, here I sit. Apparently my little girl is VERY comfortable and doesn't want to come out. Which, is actually okay. Tonight we are going to a classic car show/parade and I'm really excited about it. It's about 2 hours north of my hospital though, so I hope she REALLY is comfortable and doesn't come out tonight!! It sounds like it could be any day now though, right? Are you excited?
  8. Mrs. Martin - you look cute! you're all belly. Can't wait to see pics of your nursery. You must be getting anxious to meet your little one. Amy - what a huge relief that the results were false positives. Heidi - congratulations! now there are 5 or 6 of us due in the fall/winter. yay! BeachBride - sorry about your nausea. that does really suck. hopefully it'll pass soon for you. All's well on my end. Having a starving week - guess it's a growth spurt. And I'm finally starting to feel kicks/pokes with some regularity, though not enough to know her 'schedule'. Last night I swear she was moving all over the place and I was feeling kicks on each side and on the bottom. Weird. Not sure how she's placed at this point. I go for my next midwife appointment on the 30th. It'll be nice to hear her heartbeat again.
  9. Oh and Summer - thanks for describing your labour for us. It sounds like you managed to get a lot of really needed sleep in here and there, which probably helped you a lot. Still,3 hours of pushing sounds pretty painful. All for a good cause though, right? Mikka is a beautiful name. Enjoy having your house to yourself.
  10. Congrats Alyssa! Gemini - that sucks on the bedrest. Fortunately it's happening really late in your pregnancy though! Hope you have some good magazines too. Amy and Lisa - I remember when your little ones were born (I was stalking this thread). You're brave to be wanting another one when your firsts are so young! Guess it just goes to show how amazing your experiences have been with your firsts!
  11. I just bought the Shark steam mop 2 weeks ago and thought I'd give my review! I got it on sale for about $70 from $100, so that was great. I was all worried it would leave tons of water on the floor, but it barely left any, which was good. It came with 5 washable microfiber bases (not sure what they're called). I didn't run out of water - I did the whole downstairs. We have ceramic tile, linoleum and hardwood. It worked really well on all. Then I tried the rug 'glider' and steamed the rugs. I don't know if that really did anything, but it felt good. LOL! My arm got tired from pushing the mop back and forth, but overall I found it quite good. I'm glad I got it.
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