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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words ladies! We are so thrilled with how they turned out...not knowing what to expect, being in front of a pro photog for the first time and all. SunBride, I will definitely do one very very soon..have been waiting for Elizabeth's photos to help illustrate the review. Thanks again!
  2. Here is the slideshow for my wedding in Dreams Tulum. Elizabeth Medina was seriously one of the best decisions we made during our wedding planning process. Enjoy! http://www.elizabethmedinaphotography.com/KIMMATT/
  3. Gorgeous photos!! Your photographer did a superb job in capturing the emotion and beauty of the day. Congrats!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Denise L we are using moments that matter photography. their prices and photos are great! I am also wondering....for those past brides who have had beach receptions..where did you hold your cocktail hour? I want to have it on or near the beach but don't want to pay the extra $12 per guest to be served. What would be a good bar near the beach to hold the cocktail hour? Thanks again! I originally wanted my cocktail hour on the beach, close to my ceremony and reception locations but decided on the lobby terrace. Since it is shaded it was a great spot to help my guests cool down. Plus it is right outside the bar so guests could request drinks that were otherwise not served at the cocktail hour.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by jawedding Hi! To all of the recent brides, how did you find it getting married on days when there are multiple weddings? Did you feel like you were constantly running into other brides? Was it a turn off to see so many weddings during your vacation? Also, if music has to end at 10:30.. what did you do after (and did you find that having a 3pm ceremony gave you enough time for dinner and dancing?). What time does the s un set in early january? Thanks so much ladies!! I was fortunate in that my wedding was the only one on that day, but the following day I watched 3 weddings on the beach within 30 mins of each other, I can't imagine the brides feeling too great about that, especially since they were passing each other during their photoshoot. I must say though the hotel and coordinators do a great job making you feel like your wedding is the only one at Dreams. The hotel gets very quiet after 10.30 so it didn't feel like we were ending too early. Some people partied on at the disco but others were glad to retreat to their rooms after a long day (our ceremony started at 4.30pm). If you are having a dinner reception perhaps 3pm is a little early to start, as Landy told me the kitchen only opens at 6.30 and that was the earliest they could schedule my dinner.
  6. I love your dress!! You are going to have a gorgeous wedding!
  7. Yes I will SunBride! I have been working on it and will post soon. The wedding and our stay at DT was quite perfect I must say.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by rachelannmartin Hey ladies, does anyone know how many tiki torches are included in the $150 fee? We got 4 torches for the fee, but I would suggest not getting them if your reception is on the beach or close to the beach. The wind at night is so strong that they blow out every couple of minutes. Our waiters were so good about scrambling to light them every time they blew out but we told them not to bother.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by KylesBrideToBe I just have a couple questions... 1. Is it a requirement to rent a dance floor if the reception is on the beach, we have a small group but I still want to dance? 2. Is the ipod hook-up easy? Do we need to bring anything else other than batteries and the ipod? 3. If anyone has done the spa day with a group of girls...I know the bride gets a discount but I was hoping to pay for 6 including myself for pedi's...do you know if I can get a discount for all of them, if so, do you know the price? I think that is all for right now...thank you so much for your help as usual...you guys are great!! Angela Hey Angela, I had my reception on the beach and it is not a requirement to rent a dance floor. Dancing in the sand is so much more fun! I had my songs on my ipod and burned them on CD's but it's easier using their CD player because you don't need batteries. Their CD player is the professional DJ type (not your average boombox) which hooks up to their speakers and the sound quality is fantastic. If you the bride are paying for spa treatments for others you can use your discount. Hope that helps!
  10. I agree with Bianca. I just got back from my wedding in Tulum last week, flying in and out of Cancun airport and my wedding group felt safe all the time. They ventured out into Xcaret, Xel Ha, Playa del Carmen, Tulum town and Tulum ruins and no one had any issues. I guess the rule of thumb is to practice common sense in any unfamiliar place and never go anywhere alone.
  11. One of my fav Watters dresses. You look great in it. Congrats on finding the one!
  12. Yes thank you and Eager Groom for your awesome reviews...I thought your husband's was hilarious, and it was certainly refreshing to get a review from the groom's point of view. Your review covered everything I could have hoped for and congrats on the wedding. It certainly sounded wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your pics!
  13. Haha I think Elizabeth Medina has beaten you to it...looks like she blogged your wedding on her website. It is truly beautiful and you looked amazing! Congrats!
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