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  1. YAY Heather!!! CONGRATS!!!!! the pics look amazing and it looked like the weather might have cleared up...so happy for you
  2. I love #2 on you...look at your smile in the second dress you just look happier to be wearing it:)
  3. I'm IN!! I'll have to work around my work schedule but would love to make it even is its just for an hour
  4. Kathy your pics are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! first one is my fav:) you look absolutely stunning sexy lady....now i want to get some pics done
  5. If any Toronto brides need help with anything just let me know I had AHR after Cabo at the Hyatt downtown Toronto...or if anyone needs any help planning their wedding PM me
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Jtds2713 Ana, you were a gorgeous bride. Your wedding dress, hair and make-up looked perfect on you! Congratulations and have a blessed married life! It is also great to see again one of the most beautiful brides here on BDW ever-- our Edyta-- the girl that inspired so many with her bridal hairstyle! :-) You made me blush, that's so sweet...Thank you !!!!
  7. I like heidi and i think she can do so much better then that loser, their definately together for all the wrong reasons..it's gonna end up like the newlyweds show with nick and jessica
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host looks like a great time...ana looked fabulous...how did it feel to be back. edyta, this is the 2nd bdw member that you went to their wedding at dreams It felt amazing to be back, we're heading back next year for another wedding lol...while we were out there we bumped into Loni the day of her wedding so now that makes 3 girls of BDW
  9. Congrats once again it was great to meet u the day of your wedding..sorry for the interupt while u were taking pics
  10. Sorry for the late post, but it has been a crazy week since we got back from Cabo last Monday ofcourse the trip and wedding were AMAZING!!!! It was our first time back since our wedding almost 2 years ago and it brought back so many amazing memories. A lot happened when we were down in Cabo, we listed our condo the day we left and recieved a phone call from our agent that it was sold for full asking the day after (so excited) and we also managed to buy our dream condo the same day, CRAZY!!! Also a huge career change for me, I've decided to start my own wedding planning business. I'll keep you guys posted on how that goes. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky the entire week Ana and Michael's Wedding was stunning, she looked gorgeous. The day went very smoothly except for a couple little incidents but I'll let her tell everyone about those in her review. I don't want to say too much about the wedding because I know Ana would like to be the first one to tell you guys all about it. But here are a few of my fav pics from the wedding, hope you guys like them If anyone has any questions you know where to find me
  11. Very similar dresses but i pick #2 because I really like the sweetheart neckline on that one...they both look beautiful on you:)
  12. That's so amazing and must be so rewarding..CONGRATS!!!!..I remember when when I was planning my wedding 3 years ago now and stumbled across the Cabo forum, I just can't believe where it's at today..so proud of you Tammy and a huge thank u for everything you do on here
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