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  1. Here comes the bride...works for me...i wanted to go with: THIS IS WHY I'M HOT" but i dont want to embarrass my mother lol
  2. they did an excellent JOB! especially around the chest area (it was so big)....bustle looks nice...now all all i need to do is GET TO HAWAII!
  3. I got this book. Looks really good I hope it is helpful. I am getting the Maui one as well.
  4. Ann- I am just now starting on my bags bad I know...I have been swamped. I had to come get instructions... I have transfer paper now lol
  5. I went to the gym on my lunch 25 min on stairmaster; 20min on ellitical; 60min of all my children lol bootcamp tonight for strenght training.. Jilly I feel great. My arms are getting toned, my abs still have a long way to go but getting there...I can do 10 MEN pushups with no breaks.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- edited to day i did not go to bootcamp...winos are not allowed
  6. I dont but thanks for this link they have some nice stuff I love that seashell necklace
  7. kewl thanks....i love that dollar section so I will see if mine has any wedding stuff
  8. i love white mocha... i am drinking tea today
  9. WTG Jilly....I am going to try and go do some cardio and watch AMC at gym at noon today then Boot Camp tonight..
  10. They both look nice…The first one is nicer.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Nrvsbride Don't do it Sherri! You are so close to your wedding day. I won't let you cheat. You are going to look slim and gorgeous for your wedding. Keep telling yourself that. My sister posts pics of brides from magazines all over the fridge so that if I feel tempted to stuff my face I will look at them and turn away. It never works for me but maybe it will for you. LOL. -Glenda awh thanks Glenda....I will try the fridge thing
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