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  1. Pinkbride, I am so sorry to hear this. These things are so stressful before your wedding. I have to say I am really surprised he did this to you. Dj Mijares did my wedding and he was amazing and super professional. We had lots of contact with him before hand planning everything and he even came out to the hotel before the wedding to meet with us and go over everything in person. I know you aren't happy with it but maybe it might be worth finding out more info about his friend, like what experience he has, does he also do live guitar and singing like DJ Mijares, how many weddings has he done, can you speak to any of his clients, etc. Find out what his experience is, if he is decent and, given your situation, I'm sure you would be able to work something out on price. Good luck in finding a new DJ. I'm sure your wedding will be amazing.
  2. That's great you got what you wanted. My hubby wants a boy so either way, one of us will be very happy, lol.
  3. Its great to see so many people planning to TTC. Just a heads up, be prepared that once you start trying it can actually happen immediately. Fi and I got pregnant like the second we went off birth control and so far I am having a very healthy, happy pregnancy. Well, ok, the morning sickness is hell but baby is completely healthy. I just say be prepared for it to happen immediately because I thought it would take us a long time. I'm 34 and I thought well, it takes 3 months for the pill to get out of your system, plus I'm older so let's be prepared that we might get pregnant like 6 months from now. Haha, nope, it was bam, we're pregnant so it was actually quite a shock, a happy shock but still a shock that it happened so quick. Good luck to anyone else who is trying.
  4. Thanks ladies, we're very excited. We find out if its a boy or girl on April 25th. Obviously I will be happy either way but I secretly am hoping for a girl. So anyone else currently expecting?
  5. Wow, I guess this thread doesn't get much activity. But I thought I'd join in anyway. I'm 16 weeks, due in September.
  6. Though you look beautiful in both dresses, I think you look completely stunning in the first one. Personally I would go with that one, it looks like it was made for you. Good luck!
  7. My guests actually really loved the OOT bags. Their favourite part was definitely the bags themselves, the lanyards for the room keys, the beer opener key chain and the bubba kegs - we saw multiple people using these items every single day. I think OOT bags are a personal choice. We chose to do them and to make them higher quality bags because we really wanted people to use them and love them. It was our way of saying thank you for traveling all this way and welcome to our wedding trip. If OOT bags aren't important to you, don't do them. I know lots ofpeople choose not to have them, it is really a personal choice.
  8. I am a bride who bought things from other brides many many times on this forum before my wedding. In all cases, I thought I was getting a good price or I wouldn't have bought the items. If I thought something was overpriced, I just didn't buy it. I think most people on here do discount the prices from what they paid but even if they don't, its up to the buyer to decide if they want to pay that price or not. If you can find something cheaper go buy it somewhere else. For me, however, this buy and sell part of the forum was invaluable in planning my wedding and I am certainly planning to list my unused or reusable items for sale on here as well. Let's face it weddings are extremely expensive and if brides can recoup some of their costs by selling items after the wedding, why shouldn't they. Also, as a Canadian, I can say that often items are significantly more expensive here or stores sometimes won't even ship to Canada, so being able to buy things from other brides becomes all the more useful. I think the buy/sell portion of this forum is extremely useful and I am very grateful for all the items I was able to purchase for my own wedding by using this site.
  9. How bad is it? Is there any way she could lose the weight to fit it? How in the world is she just figuring out now that it doesn't fit if she's had it that long? Does the dress have a zipper, could you change the zipper into a lace up back to give her more room. Or if she can't zip it, is there someway to cover the back like having her wear a pashmina or something. Otherwise, try David's bridal, you can get bridesmaid dresses off the rack there so they might have something close. Good luck!
  10. Hi Ladies, I'm not sure I should be on this thread yet as we are not actually TTC yet. Medical issues on my part have prevented our TTC to date. However, I had a medical procdure earlier this month and if all went ok, then I will be cleared to TTC in March. So in the interim, I'm gone off the pill and I'm taking prenatal vitamins and just staying positive that I will get the green light in March. We are really hoping for a green light because I will turn 35 within the next year and of course that seems to be the magic age that makes it harder to TTC. I read back in the thread and I see we are not the only ones facing TTC issues. Good luck to all of you who are trying. I hope you all get pregnant soon!
  11. Tisha - your dress looks beautiful on you. I think it is a great choice. It reminds me of mine so clearly you have fabulous taste, lol!
  12. Discount Mugs is having a Cyber Monday sale. Today only everything is 20% off. The promo code is CYBERMONDAY. Hopefully, this will help some B2Bs.
  13. Tisha - I bet your dress is gorgeous too, have you posted it?
  14. Everything looks great, I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful! Wow, I'm so glad to hear you were able to move your wedding without any problem, congratulations!.
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