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  1. @Mellybelly...I am soo sorry I never responded to your comment...but I am never on here any more and didn't realize a comment was left. I'm sure you already have your wedding planned and all by now, but if you still want any info, let me know. I promise I'll check the site frequently. @gangsterchic...I had a travel agent who worked with the wedding planner on the room rates. So, my TA was able to book both the rooms and airfare all in one for both myself and my guests. It worked out great! Good Luck!
  2. Misc Pics taken by family and friends at our wedding at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa on May 8th, 2010
  3. Wow ladies...all of your rings are just gorgeous!! Here is a better pic of my beautiful wedding set...I just absolutely love it!!
  4. Yes ladies...it was a long time coming...good luck with those of you whom have not received it yet and I hope that you get it much sooner than I did!!! But, like Mrs.J.2011 said...you can always try using the marriage certificate that you receive right after your married and see if it works. I do suggest that you call your local Social Security Office and DMV to make sure they except it first, before you wait in lines for nothing!
  5. Guess what I received in the mail yesterday....my marriage license!!!! Yay....finally after 4 months and 8 days, I can officially change my name!!!!
  6. It has been 4 months since I was married at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa and I have yet to receive my Marriage license. At the beginning, I was told it would take about 2 months to receive. After about 2 1/2 months I sent an email to my wedding coordinator Yolandi, in which she responded that normal time is 2 to 3 months for license receipt. 3 1/2 months passed and nothing, so I sent yet another email asking when it will be received because I needed it for insurance purposes, she responded with we are in receipt of the marriage licenses and you will be receiving them by the middle of next week. Well, a week and a half has now passed since that email and I have not received my marriage license yet. Has anyone else had this same experience? I'm not sure what to do from here. Do I just continue to wait? Is there someone else I need to call? I think this is getting a little ridiculous. I mean here I am excited about getting married and I can't even change my name legally yet! Please help!
  7. Hi gersbja...the resort I chose was the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa. There are a couple of different Rose halls in Jamaica, so make sure if choose one to be married at, you stress to any wedding guests the importance of knowing which resort when booking the trip. We had a few guests whom did not book the trip through our travel agent and had the wrong resort, thankfully they noticed before the wedding and was able to have it fixed. Good Luck with the planning!
  8. Hi Terri1225, I felt the same way right before the wedding, its normal. Especially, when you really dont know what anything will look like until you actually see it. I did get the upgraded gazebo, in fact that was the only thing I actually upgraded and I am sooo happy I did. With the standard you only get to flower pieces at the gazebo and with the upgraded you get more plus they drape toole around it. I also added the aisle runner, which they spread flower petals on. I did not have a rehearsal dinner, but I did have a welcome dinner at the buffet at no cost for all the guests. My WC let the buffet manager know that I wanted to get a few tables sectioned off and they did, we had to get there exactly at opening to ensure we were all together, but it was nice. I had previously made welcome bags for all the guests, so insteadof paying the charge to have them delivered to the rooms, I just handed them all out at the Welcome dinner. As for the day of the rehearsal, we had decided to forgo the dinner, since we already had the Welcome dinner. As far as a reception goes, I did not have an actual reception instead we only had a cocktail hour in the same location as the ceremony. The ceremony was at 3, so the cocktail hour started right after which was about 3:30 and it was only suppose to be til 5, but I was lucky enough that they didnt have any other weddings at my site, so it went on til 6 instead. The way they had it set up was beautiful, the tables with the cocktails we had chosen were set up to the far side of the gazebo with a pretty cake table and our drink table. Guests just lined up to get the cocktails and then just mingled around or sat down on the chairs that were set up for the ceremony. We had our music playing from our IPOD, so we also had some guests dancing. It was great, everyone had a good time and the hor'deuvres were good. We had gotten jerk shrimp, chicken on a stick, mini grilled cheese, mini beef patties and some pork plantain. Then as drinks we got Jamaican rum and fruit punch. And the cake was delicious. Now, for the resort review....some of my guests were a little dissapointed with the resort, they didnt feel it was as all inclusive as it should have been. There is no food available after 10p.m. and the drinks are very limited after that time also. And some, thought the service people could have been nicer. But overall, I think most had a very good time. Just be aware, that some of my guests had extra charges placed on the credit card that they had left for deposit purposes only. While, the resort apologized and eventually returned their money, it was an inconvenience for my guests. So, I would suggest for everyone to use cash when holding the room incidental deposit. Well, I hope I answered your questions, please let me know if you have anymore. Also, not sure if you seen my pics on one of my previous posts, but if you havent, I have a post that reads Finally some pics, if you want to see how the gazebo looked.
  9. Hi all, I know there have been alot of us in the recent months and alot more to come, so I was just curious to know how everyones wedding went! Please leave a short post about your special day!! Here's my short post: I was married there on May 8th, 2010 at the West Lawn Gazebo and it was absolutely beautiful, beyond my imagination!!!
  10. I totally sympathize with you. I just recently had a DW and am now having an AHR. I had friends and family complain about both. There were some that did not agree with me having a DW because it was wrong of me to do something that will cost people money knowing that they couldn't afford it and there were those who loved the idea of getting a vacation and finally celebrating us finally getting hitched after 12+ years together! Then I had those who went to the DW and said that it should be enough that they spent the money to go and now I'm asking for them to come to an AHR. I just didnt let these things bother me. What people dont understand, is that noone is making them do anything. This is what me and my 'now' husband wanted to do and while we would have loved for everyone to come to our DW, we know that wasnt going to happen, so we both agreed that we would have an AHR. The AHR is intended to share our wedding photos and videos with both the people who came to the DW and those whom were not able to make it. So, just take all the criticism with a grain assault and enjoy both your DW and your AHR...I know i did and will!
  11. That wedding video was beautiful...but just a little warning...if anyone is getting married at the Rose Hall and getting a video made by the onsite videographer...do not expect for the video to be this beautiful. We received a 30 minute video recording as part of our wedding package and the video turned out to be my only dissapointment. It was horribly made and the 30 minutes I expected was only 20 minutes. I did complain and they emailed me back to let me know that they would send me a new one thats 30 minutes long, but I have not received it as of yet. So we'll see. Overall though, the wedding was absolutely beautiful and that youtube video does capture the elegance of it. So, good luck and congrats to all you future Rosehall Brides!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs Cato your day looks lovely ..... love the dress and colour scheme. The gazebo looks fabulous I think your pictures are the best of this location that I have seen. How was the general feel of the hotel ? did they give you any upgrades or anything special as a wedding party. How was the beach and service? .....and finally.... :-) which flower company did you use ....flowers are great. Thanks in advance and congratulations your wedding looks completely perfect!!! Hi Mrs. Cato...the overall feel of the hotel itself was good. Theres one thing that could definitely be better and thats food and drink availability...for instance after 10 p.m. there is no more food available except for popcorn at the resorts nightclub, so that kind of bites and the only place you can get any drinks at night is at the upstairs bar. But, I do have to say that most of the staff was great...the beds and pillows are to die for...they are sooo comfortable! The room we had was perfect, it was a deluxe garden view right between the pool and waterpark...we had a very nice terrace with table, chairs and a comfy couch and our own outside exit. Although, we were suppose to receive a suite upgrade if available upon our arrival, but they said there werent any available so they placed us in the deluxe instead, which actually turned out good, because from what I understand the suites were on the upper floors, so I would not have had my beautiful terrace with my own little outside exit..right in the middle of everything! The rest of the wedding party and guests had standard rooms, but those rooms were nice also...although the view from your room really depended on where they placed you. Just a warning though...do not expect to have all your guests in one location, because they wont be. I had people spread out all over the resort. Ohhh...and one more thing to be aware of...I had a couple of guests that had extra charges taken out of their credit cards during the stay...the resort said that it was an error in their part and that they would return the money...but it was definitely an inconvenience. So...I would forewarn everyone that when placing a deposit upon arrival, use cash...if a credit card is used, make sure they check it during their stay, because they will charge without telling you! The beach is okay...its kind of small and the waters very foggy, but has lots of lounge chairs...no drink service at the beach...you would have to go get your own drink at the bar. The pool and waterpark are nice. The kids just absolutely loved the waterpark and theres a swim up bar there also...so its nice...you can have some drinks while the kids play. Now the main pool is very nice and modern...theres no swim up bar, so thats really dissapointing...especially since you figured this is where most of the adults hang at...but oh well. Now lastly, the flowers were the standard bouquet from Grande Garden. I was sooo happy with how they turned out, as I had no idea what to expect beforehand. So, I was super excited to see them! Ok...I think I covered just about everything. If you have any more questions, please dont hesitate to ask!
  13. Wow...your pics look amazing!! Congrats..we were both becoming Mrs. at the same time!
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