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  1. I haven't been on here in forever! My husband and I got married at GBP Tulum on 6/27/09. It was amazing, couldn't have asked for more. Our slideshow is here, it's still up http://claudiaphoto.com/slideshows/claudia/june/joanna_hank/ Claudia Rodriguez was our photog and she was unbelievable! I would recommend her for TTD even. So good!!
  2. For Tulum, I think they can set up as many chairs as you need. We had about 60, and we were by the palappas. (spelling) The seating area looked smaller for the gazebo, but I am sure they can do it with 32. The only reason we didn't choose the gazebo is we wanted the view of the ocean while the ceremony was going on, and while we said our vows.
  3. Hi everyone! I think big boobs do weigh you down, and hurt the back a bit (personally). If I lose some poundage I totally want to get a reduction and lift, just for the sake of feeling more comfortable. They are a lot to deal with!
  4. I can honestly say were were not impressed with the minister at all... watching the video is kinda funny cause we were like WTF? She was not a good speaker, her English was fine, but she kept repeating herself about love... it was weird... and at one point she called Hank Hannah!!! But, after all was said and done, we read our vows and that was important. I would make a program just stating wedding party members, family, that kind of thing... and your songs... processional... all that. The ceremony is quick, and we didn't even have a program, and not one person mentioned it. We had like 55 guests, but we were very low key about most things. Everything happened, and it was all good. Kind of have to go with the flow. (Usually I can be a bit of a control freak lol )
  5. We got married at the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum. Our photog was Claudia Rodriguez (HIGHLY recommend). Jazmin, the wedding coordinator showed us all different pics of flowers. I picked on and told her I wanted it shaped like a lollipop, not cascading (my florist friend informed me cascade is "very 80s"... like I know lol). The boats were at the fishing village of Porto Morelos.
  6. Ladies! I posted our pics! They are in a separate thread, but I am so excited!! And I miss you too Lisa!!! Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback!! I felt wonderful and so happy on the day of the wedding, and I think no matter your size, that that radiates through in you pics. So happy!
  7. Thanks guys!!! I miss all of you! LOL people have said that before that he looks like Ty Pennington, but Hank is a lot more calm, cool, and chill. I felt wonderful on the day, and stayed positive the whole day and I feel like it was reflected in the pics. I am really glad though that you all are giving them the BDW stamp of approval!!!
  8. I also want to apologize for being pretty MIA lately... I started grad school, a really intense program to prep me for teaching and they are squeezing each grad course in to M-F 9-5.... so, all I do is read and write all night... but I had to break for this!!! I miss you girls!!!
  9. Here they are... all 34323897342 of them loaded to my facebook page for friends and fam to see!!! ( This was the easiest way, but I felt like a facebook hog, oh well!) The Gran Bahia Principe Tulum.... Claudia Rodriguez was AMAZING and made us feel so comfortable... We would reccommend her ten fold... Joanna Murray Albers's Photos | Facebook
  10. I am going to post a thread right now!!! So look for it!!! Here it comes!!!
  11. Can I give you guys a way to see them on my facebook account If anyone knows how I can do this it would be easiest, pleaseeee let me know!~!!
  12. OMG! My pics are here!!! I don't have the online slideshow info, but I need to firgure out how to post them on here!!!
  13. Looks so nice!!! I can't wait to see you all done up in it!!! It's gonna be here before you know it!
  14. Ladies, the only thing that might be difficult about the dinner on the beach is that it seems to be very windy. I mean, we were there in June, and at night it was so windy that at the Lobster house and Grill it was difficult to eat because of the winds. Just trying to help out where I can!
  15. Ladies! Hi, haven't been around too much because I have been CRAZY! I start grad school in a week or so, and we have been all over the place. Wanted to give you all a great website for dresses and clothes. Some can be a little pricey, but they have good sales. Igigi.com. check it out!!! Miss you all!!
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