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    jellyfish resturant

    Barb, I didn't see the seafood platter or the filet mignon on the menu Mayte sent me. was this a special request?
  2. Does anyone know how much the ceremony only at this place would be? are you able to do a la carte?
  3. I was reading on the facebook group that the resort is now charging $1k if you bring an outside photographer. can someone confirm this?
  4. mimosa123

    Jet Blue Schedule Opened Up

    thanks i will go and get a quote now
  5. mimosa123

    Newbie!* no dates set yet!

    welcome to the forum
  6. mimosa123

    Hello from feddoc

    welcome to the forum
  7. mimosa123

    Newbie - August 14, 2010 (just don't know where yet!!)

    welcome to the forum
  8. i like the bridal cookie with your picture in it
  9. mimosa123

    AHR Invitation Wording

    the wording is so cute
  10. i like the 2nd tiered
  11. mimosa123

    6 Letter Scrabble

    ripens : sniper
  12. mimosa123

    great deal on lanyards

    thank you sooo much
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by keilag here is mine! i love these colors