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  1. Thanks for posting!!! My wedding is over but I'm shopping for decorations for our AHR! This looks like a great site for organza or tulle fabric, ribbon, and bags for favors!
  2. They look great! I wish I had done a little more research before I ordered mine... these "easy order kits" look like a great idea!
  3. I did my BD shoot a few weeks ago, and my photographer is sending me the CD as we speak... I hope they look good!! I'm going to go online and design a book, but I'm looking for quotes to include on some of the pages. I'm looking for quotes about love, giving self to eachother, marriage, etc... but things that are more "desire" like rather than the funny or "cute" love quotes. Anyone have ideas?? Thanks!!
  4. We have a very tight schedule because we're taking everyone on a sunset cruise after dinner, so I think we're going to do the pictures before the wedding too... if we do, we'll just plan it so that we meet in a relatively private place rather than a crowded area of the resort, so that we can have a few minutes to enjoy that "first sight" before the pictures.
  5. I was concerned about that too, because I have a scar that I don't want to be seen, so I asked... and my photographer said it takes a few weeks for her to get the CD of pics to me, because she goes thru every picture and does touch-ups.
  6. I like # 1 better... you look great in both of them, but # 1 just stands out to me... you're beautiful in it!
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