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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by PaperBagPrincess I love your pictures and I love love love your accessories, you look amazing!!! Where did you get your hair peice, earrings and necklace? stunning!!!! thanks! i made my hairpiece out of 3 different pieces..i bought the black feathers and teh white feathers from hobby lobby and the pearl/diamond piece was on a comb thing from forever 21! i wired the blk/white feathers together.. then unwired the pearl piece off of the comb and then wired it onto the feathers. it took a little bit, but i was sooooo happy with it in the end...i liked it so much more than any of them i saw for sale. my jewelry i got from a little store here in lubbock, tx called accessory touch. it was pretty cheap!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by N&J2011 Kendra - Your pics look great! Where did you have your reception? I love the sparks in the back. thanks! it rained sooooo hard right before the wedding, so it was supposed to be on the beach, but got moved to under pelicanos. the sparks in the background were fireworks going off during our first dance. loved it!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by laura_jason Does anyone have a photographer that they were really happy with that you could refer me to? Someone who isn't too expensive soooo girls...i just got back my pro photos from victor herrera for the wedding and i am soooo amazed!! he does a brilliant job! check out a few of these..
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Lady_Di Bonnie, great pics!! We got our pro pictures back and I had to pick pictures for the slideshow. It was so hard to pick just 80 out of 1,200k pictures!! Pictage - Diana and Rocky Enjoy! gorgeous pics!!! you looked stunning! )
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by msglave Duprk, that is an AWESOME review! Thanks for posting it so detailed! I am sooooo excited! Question, did any resent brides have the same dance floor as Duprk or had the wood planks? If that is the regular dance floor, we don't need to pay to upgrade. Kenlyn, what did you think of Victor? coming from photography experience...victor and his crew were so awesome, very nice, and professional! victor is so creative with his work, and does it with ease. i think he deserves a lot more credit than he gets. they worked extremely hard for my wedding and caught a lot of emotion! those are the moments you don't want to lose.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by jesmcan Duprke - thank you for such an awesome review! I am still laughing about the spoon lol by the way so where did the blood work happen? did you have to wait a while. By the way looks like they upgraded on their dance floor. That is such a nice dance floor! when we went on our site visit the weddings we saw just had these wood planks. Kenlyn - I know I can't wait to be there lol love the reception at Pelicanos they should give that option to everyone. What a great spot. jes, i know having it at pelicanos was truly way better than i could've imagined..all of my guests said they thought it would be better having it there than on the beach, like i originally planned! it was amazing and so perfect
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by jesmcan Kendra I just saw your pictures from Victor Herrera and you look stunning! everything looked so beautiful. thanks jes! everything turned out so great. wish we could be back there again!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by orbitingbklyn Kendra- Just wondering. I saw your DIY centerpieces. Did you bring those tall glass cylinders or were they made available to you from the Royal? no the cylinder vases i bought down there at wal-mart. they were about $5.50 a piece. the yellow flowers i made out of tissue paper. i was originally going to purchase lemons to put inside the vases, but once i got down there they kept directing me to the limes. i wanted yellow! so i finally found the lemons, and they are not pretty like lemons here..they are almost brown! ewww. so i had to redo what my plans for decor.. i used the yellow tissue flowers for inside (that i originally made to use as napkin rings).
  9. hey steph! i am SO glad we got to meet it was so crazy how it happened too lol..hope ya'll enjoyed the rest of ya'lls stay! wish we got to hang out more too. can't wait to see your pics!!! i am getting antsy waiting for mine.
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