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  1. What a romantic proposal! Congratulations! I know you will LOVE the forum!
  2. VioletVol


    Congratulations! Welcome to the forum, it is a lifesaver! Good thing you're starting early, you'll have plenty of time (well unless you procrastinate like me!)
  3. Everything is amazing! I love your phrases for the OOT bags, so adorable!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Flomac This is exactly what we were looking for. We are planning to use an Ipod, and had no idea where to begin. Thanks to everyone for their posts! Same here, this is a lifesaver!
  5. Yeah that's what I have found. I guess I figured steel drums would be in all parts of the Caribbean, but guess not. I found one but he was crazy expensive so I'll stick with the Ipod.
  6. This thread is so exciting...surprises are the best. Especially good customer service surprises!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi I made thank you cards on Vistaprint as well with a collage, just used a postcard. these are the ones I gave to the people who came to mexico with us: the back says something about joining us in Mexico.... I also made very similar ones for our AHR but they were the folded version, same idea just different pics! I do though like the idea of making personalized ones. one of my friends just did that for her wedding thank yous and they came out great too! Gorgeous! I plan on doing something similar and using Vistaprint. I may try to write thank you in the sand and get a pic to see how it turns out. Or just pick out some of our best wedding pics.
  8. What is everyone doing with their hands & toes? I want something fairly neutral on my hands, not sure if I'm going with a pale color or french tips. I rarely do french tips, but its very neutral, won't conflict or anything. I have read of other brides using bright colors and I think its awesome! I normally do anything with my nails from no polish to blue, green, pink whatever, but I think I don't want them to stand out here. Now my toe nails, I am thinking about chocolate brown. Not sure if they can do it, but blue flowers or "I do" would be cute. Does anyone have a picture of "I do" toe nails? I have seen it on here, bt can't find it. Post some pics if you're already married or have inspiration pictures. I go to a great salon, but language can be a barrier so I definitely want to take a picture just to be sure I get what I want.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by FoxyBride How about us September brides start putting up our to-do lists. It might help some of us other girls remember some things we have to do! Here's what I can think of off the top of my head. Make flower girl basket (I refuse to pay $20+ for that thing.) Finish OOT bags Make hair/make-up appointment (I'm a professional make-up artist so I may just do that myself.) Buy BM gifts Engrage FI's band (No idea what I want it to say yet.) Reserve time for Meet & Greet Get flower girl dress altered Book photographer's plane ticket Make intinerary for guests Finish compliling arrival dates/times Make programs (once I decide on the ceremony order and working, that'll be a lot easier!) Order bouts and ties for groomsmen Make/Order guestbook Ok so this list is longer than I thought! Maybe I should get off here and do some work! Funny I was coming here to post the same thing! What does everyone have left. My wedding is 3 weeks from today and I have TONS left, but I'm a procrastinator so its no surprise. Finish welcome book Finish shampoos for OOT bags (we are bottling our own with our labels...John cleaned out a bunch of trial size bottles for me, but now I need to fill& label) Finalize ceremony script Find sand ceremony supplies Final dress fitting Find accessories Make sure shoes work! Finish coordinating OOT bags--I have everything I believe, but trying to figure out how I will pack it Find some clothes for the trip! I have no shorts! Finish petal cones (most are done, but the glue dots aren't holding, need to use something stronger Finalize music (meeting singer tonight) Learn how to create a playlist in itunes-haha, no time to try! Okay I know some of you may think this is a ton, but honestly it doesn't feel like as much as I thought. Haha.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Allisa Violet -I hope your FH is doing better! Talk about scary.... congrats on the new job though! It is so crazy how close we are getting... I'm taking time off tomorrow and friday to get a whole ton of stuff wrapped up! Yay!!!! I've got hyper-shivery things goin' on I'm so excited! And my ticker is making me even more excited! Thanks! He is doing better, I feel like he will be great by the time of the wedding! So the last day of my current job starts in a few hours (and I'm still up working on wedding stuff). Monday is the beginning of the new job--crazy! So wishing I could take a day or two off, but its just not an option right now. No worries it'll all get done!
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