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  1. hi there i am getting married in ixtapa in 3 weeks - is there a good hairdresser that someone can recommend? as well is there a spa around that we can go to for mani's and pedi's that kind of thing?
  2. we love ixtapa very quiet small - very nice people cant wait to go - if anyone has any questions about the barcelo just ask
  3. ok so i thought i had picked a resort - the colonial majestic but now most of the people i want to come say they can not afford $ 4000 per couple plus spending money. is there anywhere else that is not soo expensive that i can look into im not happy but i understand that they cant afford it - any comments would be greatly appreicated
  4. we have been looking at the majestic colonial to get married at. this is a second wedding for both of us and i have an 8 year old son from my first marriage who is coming with us. that being said - i was hoping for a 1 bedroom or some kind of suite that would give us a bit of privacy - basically so we dont all have to sleep in the same room as each other 6 " apart. as well - i think i read somewhere that the colonial does not allow children in the sit down/alacarte resturants. so the dinner in either resturant they offer with the wedding package would not work for us. i do not want to go throu
  5. We are thinking about going to punta cana and getting married - i was looking at most of the hotels wedding packages - they dont offer very much for what you are paying. Is there anywhere else that you can go and get married on the beach thats not soo expensive - ive also looked at the jellyfish resturant - is there anything else out there? thanks for your comments/ suggestions
  6. Does anyone have a menu or pricelist options to have your wedding reception at this place thanks
  7. hi you seem very knowledgable - where do you get your information translated into spanish thats needed so you can get married ? - will my travel agent know? will it be cheaper for me to do this on my own? thanks again!
  8. wow you are so organized!!! we are thinking about getting married in nov there as well. i was thinking of leaving on nov 21 thanks for all the great info!!
  9. hello everyone we were hoping to get married in mexico nov/09 - but now are not sure is anyone else out there scared of the flu that is kicking around? it is a second marriage for us both and i have a 8 year old from my preivous marriage so the resort we pick must be kid friendly - but i dont want it to be too kid orienated either so that the guests who are coming with us wont be bored.
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