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  1. everybody seems to be too busy to give me advice. Just a few months left and i havent made any decision yet. So worried.
  2. I asked the BC company to send me samples and surprisingly, they did !!! It tastes really really good guys. Besides that, they PERSONALIZED my name on the 3rd cookie. So great ! So i'm wondering in choosing 100 for pic 2 and 100 for pic 3. What do you think ?
  3. They have lots of shapes and styles on the website but i just love 4 of them. It was difficult to choose 4 among 20 and now it is extremely difficult to choose 1 among 4.
  4. I havent decided yet All are so cute. How difficult it is to make a choice.
  5. Yeah, i think i'll choose #3. But they ( BC company) said that i should send them a high quality picture so that they can print it on each cookie easier, help it look more beautiful.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by clairisse Doh! Why can't I vote for all of them? They're adorable. Really ? Thanks so much. These cookies are so cute. That's why i am so confused choosing the wedding favors Cant choose all 'cause the limited quantity is 100 and i just have about 350 guests.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by cdnvb9 ah i couldnt decide b/w one or two.. the first one is so cute with the little people! but i love the simplicity of number 2. Number 3 is creepy to me to think of eating my friends face?! ha I really like the idea of picture 3. I've tried this cookies (the 3rd one is also edible 'cause they print my picture with edible ink). It looks like a real frame, doesnt it ? If i choose this one, i guess my friends wont eat these wedding favors 'cause it's super cute and my face on it, they will put it somewhere and look at me everyday . Haha
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Kristy! I love the car. So adorable. Just a question...is that super cleavage on that last cookie? Hum... You think so ? I think someone can choose this cookie style for bachelor party or gifts for your bridesmaids or the groom can choose it for his friends ('cause the company said they have "tuxedo cookies" So i shouldnt choose this one, right ? 'Cause i want to give them to all people in my wedding party.
  9. Hi everybody, Just 5 months left till my wedding. I've already chosen wedding gown and almost everything for my wedding , but not wedding favors. I found it really difficult to have wedding favors that not so expensive but beautiful. I ran into a website and found it. Wedding cookies, how you think ? Is it childish About 2usd per one. I wanna choose one of these, which one is better ?
  10. ashley26

    New here :)

    Hi everybody, I'm Ashley, gonna move to LA next 2 month. My wedding date is Jan 14, 2010. Wanna say Hi
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