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  1. Sorry I haven't been on to comment, after the wedding we've been busy moving into the new house and puppy training, haha
  2. Glad you ladies were able to help each other and thanks again everyone. Time consuming isn't even the beginning of it! I couldn't agree more! But I love my invites and they were worth it.
  3. SOOOO PRETTY!! I love all of the close ups
  4. Hey! Sorry it took so long to reply, I'm not really on here very much since the wedding I would recommend my photographer a million times over. She's based in Winnipeg, MB, though, we took her with us ! I did my BD shoot with her and we hit it off so much that she offered to our wedding for just the cost of travel. So we ended up getting her for extremely cheap and I couldn't say no. In the end we got over 2500 pics and we've gotten so many compliments about how beautiful they are. She's so passionate about what she does, super creative, and on top of it all she's so sweet and easy to get a
  5. I'm with a few of you ladies, scared of baby thoughts right now! We are still pretty young though (25/26), so we've got time. We're getting a puppy instead. Haha! Happy baby making to those of you who are TTC though, I'm excited that we all get to go on this journey together
  6. Yes, we were in the water. Check out my TTD for pics. We only climbed into one tier, we were allowed to go further, but this was good for us http://sugarandsoulphotographyblog.com/blog/2011/05/10/trista-kai-trash-the-dress-session-in-jamaica/
  7. Our room was on of the "honeymoon suites" (honestly, it's the exact same room, you just have a bigger balcony), on the 5th floor (so Golden Club) and it was connecting. We didn't have the other room, but the door was there.
  8. - When did you finally receive confirmation of your restaurant? My wedding is exactly two months today and I was hoping to confirm the table/seating charts soon. About 2 weeks before we left for the wedding. - I am also wondering what the candles look like that are supplied by the resort? Chandlyn said she was going to send a photo but I just wanted to make sure I buy ones that look the same so I can utalize what they have there. I loved your centre pieces!! Did you get them to dim the lights for the dinner? I am hoping to get a really romantic feel by having lots of votives on the guest t
  9. Thanks everyone We got the CD's and we have approx 2500 pictures from both days! The ones she posted were just her fav's... I've found so many other amazing pics that she didn't post. I don't know how I'm even going to START my photo album with so much to choose from!!! The shirts I made myself. Just bought iron-ons from Staples and printed them from my printer.
  10. Thanks so much everyone! If I miss anyone's questions The horses were at a placed "Chukka", it was pretty close to GBP on the to Ochos Rios. It was $74 for 2 horses for about 30 min. They do guided tours there as well, and charge around $80 per person, so we thought it was a pretty good deal. We brought our driver in with us and he helped us negotiate with the people there as well. The peacock's name is "George". He was at Mahoe falls right at the entrance. We couldn't believe how friendly he was, and then they told us he was their pet at the falls. We could touch him and everythin
  11. Mahoe. And we had this whole section to ourselves. There was more we could have explored but I was so sick at this point I was puking every 10 minutes so we headed back to the resort and I slept for 4 hours then we went and did the sunset ones on the resort beach
  12. And our TTD http://sugarandsoulphotographyblog.com/blog/2011/05/10/trista-kai-trash-the-dress-session-in-jamaica/
  13. Here's the TTD ladies ;) http://sugarandsoulphotographyblog.com/blog/2011/05/10/trista-kai-trash-the-dress-session-in-jamaica/ Tekeya - We had the band for the ceremony. Our ceremony was at 6pm so by 7 it was dark And I brought my own centerpieces with me.
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