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  1. I love your colors! That green looks so pretty as sashes(we rented them for our wedding in a deep green/olive). I'll keep an eye out for those sashes but I do have 12 table squares(for under the centerpieces) and two table runners in an olive green shantung like fabric that we made for our wedding. If you are interested I can give you some measurements.
  2. I love it! This is so beyond perfect for my friend who is getting married June 18th. Not in my budget right now but maybe if you still have it in a couple weeks:)
  3. Bummer, I'm looking for sashes exactly this color combination, fuchsia and tangerine, for my best friend's ceremony but the wedding is June 18th too. Where did you get yours? Or does anyone else have these colors? We don't need very many but anything helps. Thanks!
  4. And my confession is I'm so incredibly confused by this new layout. I just got used to my local board on the nest(does that make me a traitor?) and now BDW changed too! And I miss siggy pictures! I loved seeing people, that's how I recognize people, at least more so than icon pics.
  5. Believe me ladies, you will be soo happy you made the DW choice. We didn't get to do the DW and I would have loved it so much more than our big wedding with ALL our family and friends. You will have people there that want to make the effort to be there and aren't just coming for the open bar.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by khomac Not enough sex? Hey girls, I know I'm not supposed to advertise on here (I'm not looking for your business), but wanted to let you know that I am a Passion Parties Consultant. We do private, confidential, professional and classy in home parties usually for women. But it sounds like you guys could all benefit from a Couples Party. You can invite 3 -4 other couples into your home and have a consultant chat with you guys about our products, romance tips, and how to keep the fire burning. I'll leave it at that for now and if anyone wants to PM me about more info on parties in your area or even just to ask questions, let me know. I'm by NO MEANS a Sexpert but can maybe point you in the right direction. Kelly Homac - Your Independent Passion Parties Consultant This may be something some of you ladies might like to check out. I went to one a couple years ago(not a couples one but similar) and it's the reason that we're still at least in the once a week club even when things get really stressful. Even if you're hubby isn't up for going to it, it can be fun to do with friends and puts you back in the feeling sexy mindset. Plus your SO can't get too mad at you for spending money at it when they benefit from it too. Everybody wins!
  7. I too have grandparents who like to give presents like that. A couple years ago I got a hat and scarf set with mooses(not sure the plural of moose lol, we don't exactly have those here) and snowflakes on it. Last year my sister who is 13 got a giant blanket with High School Musical on it. I think we just figured out that they think we're all 8. Luckily they live on the east coast so they don't get to see our looks of "surprise" when we open their presents.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by angelov321 I finally did it ladies!!! Im not gonna lie I was definitely worried, but it all went fine!!! Im so happy I finally did it. I cant believe I havent tried this before. At first, it did HURT! But the pain only lasts for a second. After awhile I didnt feel anything. She said the the next time I come it definitely wont hurt as much as it did today. I did the sugaring and it wasnt very hot at all. I cant wait for my next appt! Im gonna do legs, armpits and brazlian the next time I go. I want to be comepletely ready for my Nov wedding. The only negative was, that they told me to grow out my hair for 2 weeks. So you can imagine how uncomfortable that is! Im not looking forward to growing out my leg and underarm hair this summer either, but hey, it will be worth it in the end. GL to all you first timers out there!! It really wasnt bad at all!! Congratulations on your first brazilian! Welcome to the club lol
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Nicole~ Of course we all remember! That's exactly why I'm even commenting on this thread. We all had our moments and we had the help of brides who had been through it to help us remember what was important. If you focus on all the little things you WILL drive yourself crazy. There's tons of things that I wish I didn't bother to lose sleep on. So that's the point. We're here to help you guys, not bash you. I'm grateful for the brides that helped me to realize that some things were honestly very trivial. I bet that when this is all over, the OP will come back to this thread and think "why the hell was I even worried about that?" We're only offering advice and opinions from our own experiences. Take it or leave it. I just wanted to add that THIS is the reason the majority of the people saying not to worry about it are already married. We've been through worrying about small things like this that really didn't matter in the end. We don't want you to steal your own thunder by insisting that everyone act a certain way not just AT your wedding but every day leading up to the wedding. As for my opinion, I'm a leo too and I'll admit that sometimes I loved and wanted the attention of being The Bride. But if you insist on it, in subtle and not so subtle ways, you actually make people less likely to want to focus on your wedding and after the wedding you'll have a new host of problems to deal with because you unintentionally alienated people by insisting they live their lives a certain way for that small period of time. In the end it won't be an issue unless you make it an issue.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by angelov321 WOW!! Thats scary!! I go for my first appt tomorrow and that worries me. I hope you dont have to go through that ever again. I can only imagine how uncomfortable you feel. Don't let my one bad experience turn you off to it, I'm sure you'll be fine. This place is usually awesome. I give it rave reviews. I think it was just an off day. At least I hope so. This location just opened a couple months ago so maybe I'll go back to the one I went to before, it's just a bit further for me.
  11. Sorry if this is TMI but last time I went in to the lady I usually go to, she was joking around about how she had taken a nap between appointments and just woke up not knowing what time it was so she was out of it. I probably should have taken that as a sign:/ The wax was too hot and I told her about halfway through but she said it was at the lowest setting. I should have just stopped right there but I sucked it up and finished and it's hurt for days afterward to the point that my skin is starting to peel I'm kind of dreading going back next time(even though I'm totally sold on waxing now and still will) but I don't know what to tell her so that it doesn't happen again. I really hope it was just a one time thing:/
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by hat0112 Yeah, we are no longer friends. She said and did a few things that upset me since I got engaged that has brought our friendship to an end. barbiegirl- Ha! I can't believe people think so much of themselves to think that you would plan our wedding just to attach her! Seriously Confession - People just really suck some times. People do just really suck some times. And my job is making me feel like people suck most of the time. DH has been pressuring me to get a new job for months because mine makes me miserable and stresses me out to a point that it's not in anyway worth the time, energy, or pathetic paycheck. I had an interview today that went great but is a big paycut and I just can't make myself be happy about it if they offer me a job. I hate this economy for making it so hard to just make a living working at crap jobs when all I want is to finish school and finally get a job that I love doing. Especially when I'm so close to finally getting a degree! DH means well but I might just lose it with him next time he makes a comment about me sending more people my resume. It's like he thinks I'm not even trying. Grr. Thanks for the vent.
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