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  1. Spazz Pregnancy Thread for Baby #2 ***Baby is here! It's a.........! #136***
  2. We had 80+ guests at our ROR wedding. We had our "Welcome Party" 2 nights before our wedding on the beach at the bar there. I believe it cost $10pp for drinks and everything else - tables, chairs, tiki torches, set-up, etc. - was free. Chandlyn set everything up herself, hung up a banner we brought with us, hooked up our ipod music stuff. It turned out great. For our rehearsal dinner Chandlyn reserved tables at the Plantation for us for free.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by carly I'm sorry that you feel that she brings negativity to everything related to your / your wedding. But I think you may need to take a step back. This is YOUR wedding, not hers. You are living your life, and she is living hers. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that not everyone's life is revolved around our weddings. I know I had those moments anyway. But you really can't be mad that she's pregnant. The fact that she recently suffered a miscarriage is all the more reason for you to be understanding of what she's been thru. Quote: Originally Post
  4. Erika, everything looks awesome! Have a fabulous wedding!!!
  5. AMAZING pics! Thanks for posting, Morgan. I can't wait to hear all about it, Heather.
  6. Oh no! I am so sorry you're dealing with this. Keep us updated on what happens.
  7. I love BDW friends...so sweet! Hope you feel better!
  8. #1 is my favorite, but I like #3 too. I'm partial to strapless:)
  9. I totally forgot about the siggy challenges. Good idea bringing it back!
  10. That's great news! I've read articles about how much she wanted to have another baby.
  11. I've always thought of us as "BDWers" but Desties is cute.
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