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  1. we got married 7/30/10 and my certificate arrived today 9/23/10 so it took about 2 months...not bad for jamaican time
  2. I got legally married before going, even though I brought a copy of the certificate the coordinator didn't ask to see it nor did anyone contact me before hand to say that they would need it before I got married. Maybe she forgot to ask me for it.
  3. One major plus about IRHS is that they are the number 2 hotel in Montego Bay on Tripadvisor. Hardly anyone has a bad thing to say about that place in terms of food, service, or anything really. The other plus is that its 20 mintues from the airport. I got married in Ocho Rios and we stopped at Bahia Principe along the way. The bus ride is one of the reasons I won't return, its just way to long.
  4. I ordered those chivari chairs through Tai Flora it was about $6.50 per chair with the bow on the back. They will also charge you tax and a setup fee as well. If you decide to use these chairs at your reception there will also be a $60 transport fee. I thought it was well worth it considering the white chairs w/sash at ROR were $7/per chair.
  5. I just got married there 07/30/10 and the coordinators were Natricia and Atonette.
  6. We have family in Jamaica so they got us the rum and coffee. The email address on the coffee is coffee@kasnet.com though in case you want to order. I got the matchboxes from theknot.com
  7. I just had my honeymoon there. I saw a couple of weddings while there too. The resort is very beautiful, the most comfortable beds ever, and pretty good entertainment and decent quality of food to. I know you'll have a great time!
  8. Thanks, Brian was great to work with. If anyone's interested check out his website www.briandesign.com
  9. I got the firedancers through the hotel, they came from Negril and the price is $350 for a 15 minute performance. Trust me 15 minutes is all you will need because it will get old after awhile. The hotel itself also has fire dancers that can perform at your wedding but they were unavailable for mine. The cost is $450 for 3 performances which is about 15 minutes total. I think the Riu uses Sheila's Bakery. I started to do that option and it's about $350 but we already had a black cake that a family member was making and the dinner itself comes with 2 cakes, so I just went w/the free cake b
  10. Hi All, I got married on July 30th, Brian Nejedly in Jamaica did our photos. I've uploaded his slideshow to youtube, it takes away from the quality a bit, but loads much quicker that way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOcEESzz8w0
  11. Hi, I'm happy to help 1) I booked the "free package" which isn't really free it's about $350 and that takes care of minister fees/legal fees/ etc. It always cheapest to go with this option and just add on as you wish. At your meeting with the coordinator they will confirm with you which package you want so even if you booked something different through the Riu website you can change it. 2) On top of that fee I paid $55/pp for the private poolside reception. This includes an open bar. Children under the age of 4 are free but anyone over that price is still $55/pp. . 3) They can
  12. For our oot bag we put in a bottle of appleton rum, jamaican coffee, and match box w/our names and wedding dates on it.
  13. I read your review and I'm so sorry that it didn't go well, that sucks especially after paying so much money. I just got married there on the 30th and I think Tina is gone. There were only 2 coordinator there Natricia and Antonette. I was wondering why Chandlyn got fired and I found it strange that she had told me I needed to pay certain services in cash and others in credit; however when I had emailed the main Riu site in Mexico I was told I could pay everything via credit card. The steel drum and fire dancers that I had were actually $100 cheaper than the prices that Chandlyn had been chargi
  14. From what I understand Tina was just there as a backup until they got the 2 new coordinator Antonette and Natricia. When I went to their office both of them were there and I think if you really wanted to you could choose. I think they divide weddings equally between them.
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