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  1. I just came back from a site visit at Half Moon. I was there on Saturday. The property is even more gorgeous in person
  2. BUMP. Any petite brides going with a mermaid style?
  3. Sharita your wedding was beautiful and this video captured the day perfectly! I love that you got married at the Oleander Terrace at Half Moon. That's the location that I want. Thanks so much for sharing!
  4. Thanks Danielle. I had signed up for one of your webinars a couple of months ago and missed it due to a client call. I just RSVPed for the one on the 24th. I can't wait to hear more about the Oleander Terrace.
  5. That was also my concern. I want my guests to have a good time. We're all in our twenties and even my older family members love to party so I don't want anything too stuffy. Half Moon is GORGEOUS though. Where did you end up allie?
  6. mrsrobinson, First your wedding pictures are AMAZING! When I joined BDW in 2010 I could literally count the people on 2 fingers getting married at Half Moon. I was so early in my planning that when I went to Michael Saab about pricing he said I was so early the rates would probably change before the weeding. lol. Also, your wedding is eerily similar to the plans I've made for my own Half Moon wedding. Great minds, I guess I have so many questions so please forgive me if I bombard you with too many questions! 1. Was the reggae band expensive? I too am thinking of hiring a reg
  7. Hi Ladies, Did anyone do a site visit of Half Moon yet? I want to go down later this year. I spoke to Danielle and she said there's a special package called, Paint your Special Day ( i think that's the name) . Apparently it's 375 pp. I may do that. Does anyone have pics of their site visit?
  8. I have taken a look at Round Hill but I think Half Moon is much more beautiful.
  9. Congrats! How many people will you be having at your wedding?
  10. Just got a quote from Danielle on the Iconic Wedding package at 424 per person with a min of 100 people. That $42,400!! Yikes. I have to start figuring out who/what I can cut.
  11. Hi I'm also interested in Half Moon. I've been on the board for a while and there's a couple of brides on here who have had weddings at Half Moon. You can try searching for the threads. I hope you find what your looking for!
  12. Lisa you looked stunning and sooo happy!! The pictures are gorgeous too. Congrats.
  13. the dress is amazing! I'm going to look on Preownedweddingdresses.com. now!
  14. Hi Ginger Peach, Your pictures look great. Did you get married on the Oleander Terrace? That's what it looked like based on your pictures. I don't want to get married on the beach and I love the view from the Oleander Terrace. I plan on perhaps telling my 20-something guests to stay at another resort, possibly the Hilton Rose Hall, and just have the wedding at Half Moon and bus people over. I wonder if they still have that 80% rule though where 80% of your guests have to stay at Half Moon or your pay a fee? Did you use the Half Moon vendors or did you bring your own? Thanks again for
  15. YAY I'm so glad I found this thread. I've been searching for more info about Half Moon on this site for over a year! I'd love to see your pictures also ginger peach! Hopefully you can do a review or something later on. I have soo many questions. First of all, how many people were in your group? I'd like to invite about 100 people and i wonder if Half Moon is going to be exciting enough for 20-somethings. I know my older family members will love it but I want everyone in my group from the youngest member to the oldest to have fun and feel like there's lots of things to do at the resort. Any ins
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