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  1. Thank you so much! One of my bridesmaids is a makeup artist in Miami so I got lucky.
  2. Hi! They actually charged the wedding and reception to our room, so we paid with our cc after we checked out. We paid Tai Flora using their credit card authorization form before the wedding. We did not have the musicians but we did have the fire dancer which we gave the WC the cash for at the time of the event.
  3. Our original plan was to move over to the Grand after the wedding but I had never been to Jamaica and really wanted to experience the cliffs. To be honest, I wish that we had stayed at the resort one more day to spend a non-wedding day with our guests, our wedding was on Wednesday, we left on Thursday. So with your wedding on Saturday you will have a couple days after to enjoy with your guests. I will say though, it was a great experience to get away and just enjoy time alone with my new hubby and to eat some local food. Quote: Originally Posted by CourtandMatt OMG! That is beautiful! I so want to stay there after the wedding; however, I am so torn. We are planning to be in Jamaica from Wednesday - Tuesday (Saturday wedding). I was thinking we could stay somewhere different, like Tensing Pen, from Sunday - Tuesday (we are going on our honeymoon six months after our wedding), but I am torn because I rarely get to see all of our family and friends. My fiance says we need to just stay at IRHS. What are your thoughts? What did you do? Also, non-related question, did anyone put on their invitation anything about the resort fee if people do not stay at IRHS? I have some people that are talking about going to Jamaica but staying elsewhere. I have the resort fee info on our website, but I don't think they have seen it because the resort fee seems quite high and I think they would think otherwise about coming if they knew the cost. Can I put it on the invitation or should I just hope that they see it on our website?
  4. We stayed at Tensing Pen after our wedding as well. It was absolutely breathtaking! Make sure you walk over to Ivan's Bar for dinner one night- the Papaya Shrimp is amazing.
  5. I have several bottles left over and would like to offer them for $.75 (sorry it wouldn't let me put .75 in the price) a piece to any local brides who would like to pick them up. Let me know how many you need and I'll let you know if I have enough.
  6. Hey Ladies! I finally decided to sell my dress. It is a tag size 10,street size 8. I am 5'7 and wore it with flats/barefoot. The lining is dirty from walking in the sand but can't be seen at all when worn. The first pic is from my wedding day and the others (with my husband being used as a clothes rack) are current.
  7. Just got an email from Nicole wanting to confirm our address because our marriage license is in. Looks like they may be getting better at sending them out, our wedding was on May 28th.
  8. @kfarkas26- Thank you very much! I actually found a local photographer who was trying to build his portfolio so we just covered his airfare and hotel stay.
  9. Hey Ladies! My wedding was on May 30th. I will tell you...it was soo frustrating not getting answers back right away but as all the other brides said once you get there, they have everything in order. Honestly, once I embraced the culture and decided to just go with the flow, I was able to relax and just enjoy the day. Not everything went as planned (they never do) but our wedding day nonetheless was amazing. The day of arrival we did a welcome gathering and had a fire dancer (meh). IMO (and my husbands)- we should have saved the money. It was different and we have some really cool pics but he did the same things over and over again for 20 minutes and they did not stop other people from joining us. My thought is...if we have to pay for it for our group then it should only be for our group. But oh well...folks thought it was nice. The day before the wedding, I coordinated with Nicole to have a rehearsal at 6pm before rehearsal dinner at 6:30. There was a wedding that day so it was all set up so we got to see what it would actually look like. THE WEDDING DAY!! I decided to wear a veil (Yikes!) that thing was whipping allllll over the place from the moment I stepped outside but Nicole wrapped it around my around and we made the best of it. The reception dinner was at Calabash. We did not privatize however like others have said you don't really notice that other people are there. The only time I noticed is when I was looking through the pictures and I saw someone sneaking a peek at us cutting the cake- of course right where the privacy wall ends. Sky Lanterns- after dinner we went out on the beach and lit sky lanterns. I will say it was really windy and a lot of them caught on fire...it was scary but people still enjoyed them. I will say if you choose to do this please make sure that they have enough lighters. Tiffany only had two so we had to take turns lighting them which kind of took away from the moment as we couldn't let them all go together. MANGO WALK- what a blast! We had a choreographed dance for our first dance so it was the perfect venue. Words cannot express what an absolutely magical moment it was...we are coming up on a month and people are still talking about it. Best wishes to all and happy planning!!
  10. 30 OOT bags left over from my wedding
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