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  1. Thanks Brandy! We're very excited but keeping it quiet for a while longer, at least until our first appt when im about 8 weeks along . Its nice to be able to share our news on here without our family having to find out lol
  2. OMG that is such a cute idea! I'm glad everything is going good for you! We just found out last friday that we're PREGNANT! Woo hoo! Finally! I'm 5 weeks today and due May 2nd! Hows everybody else doing? Any new BFPs?
  3. Hows your pregnancy been going? How many weeks are you now? Hope everything's going smoothly
  4. Hey ladies i just posted my "Post Wedding Sale" , heres the link in case youre in need of some orange & fuschia stuff! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/74747/teira-s-post-wedding-sale#post_1641538
  5. I used the $10 passport design because i had bought it for our passpost invitations originally
  6. Time to get some of this stuff off my hands and out of the guest room Here's a list of items I am selling, prices do not include shipping. I tried to post as many pictures as i could, if theres anything you want to see a picture of that didnt get posted or you would like to see more pictures of an item feel free to PM me! Thanks for looking! Clip in hair flower (used for flower girl) - $5 (2) “T†Letters, can be painted (never used) - $5 6 canvas totes from www.cheaptotes.com (never used)- $5 1 Natural Beige Linen Vest from www.studiosuits.com (never used) - $30
  7. here is the link to her page with all her templates. Hope this helps http://www.ayleebits.com/templates.htm
  8. Hi! The extensions are still available if youre interested They worked out great for my BD shoot & the wedding. My engagement ring actually came as a set with 2 bands, one on each side
  9. I cannot believe you still dont have your pictures yet!!!! i would be so mad! And it has been quiet on here. I check in every few days. I hope everybody is doing good and enjoying married life. Im so ready to go back to Mexico and do the whole trip & wedding over again Best week of my life!
  10. Simistar - thats great everything is going smoothly for you so far! I hope they find a second heart beat in there Any other ladies having any luck? My period is 8 days late right now but i keep getting negative test results so I have no idea whats goin on? Ive taken probably 6 tests over the past week but no luck. So i guess im just going to keep waiting it out and see what happens and just plan on tracking my ovulation as usual so I dont miss it in case im not pregnant right now. Sending lots of baby dust to all your ladies for July
  11. I just put the file on a memory stick and took it into their printing department. And told them which pages had to be printed on the back side of which.
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