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  1. My wedding is scheduled for May 2012 (26th). They have that date open, and so does Royal Plantation
  2. Hey Ginger peach...do you have any pics of your wedding? I would love to see. Also how many guests did you have (and which plan did you go with... or even how much did you end up spending approximately.if you don't mind. Also wondering if you were nickel and dimed. Meaning I was emailed packages and other price points. Are they pretty straight forward or were there surprise costs) One thing I'm wondering about the staff. From what I hear at royal plantation there are butlers but there are only butlers in the villas at half moon. What makes the staff at half moon exceptional in your opinion (examples...or just general nice greetings, etc). Thanks so much for any insight you can provide to help me imagine what my guests and I will experience if we go to half moon.
  3. Could use advice. There may or may not be children (royal still allows children for wedding). 1 percent chance of children so we're really not invested in that as a reason. So basically here's what I'm thinking: Royal: intimate, but allows access to sandals for guests who want more Half moon: has everything there...not sure about the rest. Trying to weigh the pros and cons. Thanks
  4. I'm trying to iron it out this month: Royal plantation : smaller but has butler service and access to sandals resort next door (children can also attend wedding if we have any and there are resorts in the area that allow children)/ Half moon: children are allowed tons to do, but have to add on all inclusive We may or may not have children (depending on if my brother will take my niece and nephews. This is highly unlikely so I don't want to place my whole wedding on the 1 percent likelihood...so I'm judging on other things besides kids. So I'd love your responses). Which would you choose?
  5. are you sure? I'm doing to azul sensatori and the planner said photographers are allowed if they're in the party (I was thinking of bringing someone from the us
  6. Hi. I'm new to this thread. Not only am I a 2012 bride (change from 2011 arrrrg!) but I've also switched venues from Jamaica to Mexico. I'm happy about that change, however. The other I have mixed feelings. I'm happy that we're going to have a longer honeymoon, and it makes sense to move it till may, but I'm annoyed cause I am impatient !!! Okay so that's it. Oh, and Azul will probably be my venue...unless their prices change. Because they SAY that I can book my wedding now (lucky me) but at the same time they won't guarantee the same 20percent deal (which doesn't make me happy unless they have a better deal). I'd think they'd honor the time that you book, as they will honor other stuff but oh well...so I'm waiting to hear back from my wedding coordinator about that.
  7. Hi all, even if you know places close by (by aren't sure about fireworks) can you please list them? I love azul sensatori. After spending millions of hours (at least it feels like it) planning a jamaican wedding I realized Azul is for me lol! BUT I was loving Mexico for the fireworks and my destinationweddings specialist says that Azul doesn't allow them. This is what I was thinking...tell me if you think it's too much trouble for the guests.... I read a review where a member resort hopped. Basically I'd want my wedding and reception at Azul and ask everyone to jump in (a bus for them, limo for me and hubby) for a fun suprise and to cut the cake. Basically I'd pay a resort, restaurant, or whatever near by to have a cake waiting and we would cut the cake, and then fireworks would be displayed. We would of course thank everyone from coming (get back in our limo).... I just don't know if it's too much (the getting in a bus just for fireworks and cake cutting), but I want fire works gosh darn it! Any suggestions for places nearby? Ways to work in moving guests to that location (after sit down dinner in the reception)? I WANT fireworks (I know I said it before but I'll say it again .....oh and I also want azul (sigh). Much appreciated!
  8. Never mind. mods please delete this thread. I just decided to go with the ritz carlton or moondance. Won't lose out as I paid destination weddings an insurance deposit for this. We decided to go all out and just have a later wedding in the year.
  9. Wow. I thought for sure the ROR brides would have some tips for me....(future or former)...anyone?
  10. Hi. I posted this in another thread but it seemed to get lost among others just posting their wedding times. Here's what I posted there: My wedding slot is from 2-3. I wanted it much later, but that's the only slot available for that date and some dates around it (the latest). Any ideas of what I can get my guests to do after until 6:00 reception....I wanted fire dancers would I do that after dinner (as it's better later outside?). Also what to do so the guests don't wander off, how much time do I take to factor in pics, etc. I'd love some advice. I really want a fun, unique wedding. Something the guests will remember. (I'm going to be at riu in ochos rios) My original idea was a wedding at 4-5 a cocktail hour from 5-6 (with musicians) and reception from 6:30 onward and then some more dancing after with fire dancers showing up ... now that's all ruined with the time change as the fire dancers I don't think would look that great in the day time. Help me! There were no later time slots around or on the dates I was looking forward to going (and we have particular reasons for those dates) Thanks again. Also please mention any unique things that you did, or wish you did that might add to a wedding.
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