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  1. Will you please email me your template! saminolesoccer@yahoo.com Thank you for sharing all of your ideas! You don't know how helpful it is!!1
  2. Will you please post the template for making the invitations? Also, did you use card stock? Please advise. Unlike you, I am not creative; but I follow directions very well.
  3. How many people are you having at your wedding? 36 Adults, 2 kids & 1 infant Are most people staying at Azul or are some of your guests staying at other resorts. 3 people are staying off property in the town of Puerto Morelos to save $$$$. It will cost us $100 each for an 8 hour day pass to allow them on resort property with the all - inclusive food and beverage service Are you working with Lomas Travel? Yes. Carolina Guerrero is my wedding coordinator Are you having a rehearsal dinner? If yes, where? Not really. Our plan is to host a S'mores party on the beach with a bonfire instead. Do you have a wedding website? If yes, would you mind sending it to me? www.theknot.com/ourwedding/samanthaandersch&brianpickett (we had some trouble with our pictures, so it's pretty basic.) Let's definitely keep in touch and exchange ideas.
  4. Hi Melissa, Congratulations on making your decision on the resort. What a relief! Our wedding in January 22nd, 2011 and we are getting very excited. I too was visiting resorts in August and looked at the Beach, the Sensatori, Ceiba Del Mar and Marina El Cid. It was a tough decision, but what I loved most about Azul Beach was the initimate setting. We are planning to have a beach BBQ for our reception with a reggae band and speakers for our Ipod when they are finished playing music. What details have you planned so far? Are you working with Lomas Travel to coordinate your wedding details? Let's keep in touch during this process. It's so nice to speak to someone else with the same taste! Samantha
  5. Hi there. We are getting married at the Azul Beach on January 22, 2011. Are you working through Lomas Travel to coordinate your wedding??
  6. Are you working through Lomas Travel to plan your wedding?
  7. Thank you for your suggestion. I picked up a few suggestions like you mentioned. Thanks again.
  8. Hi. Looking for reccommendations for music - reggae, steel drum, salsa - for a wedding reception at the Azul Beach Hotel. Also, is anyone familiar with the donkey party or beach bonfire options offerred for a rehearsal dinner?
  9. Congratulations on your recent wedding. We are also highly considering the Azul Beach hotel and the Azul Sensatori to host our destination party. Please fill me in on anything that you think that I should know. I'm visiting the properties in late August, so I'd lilke to be prepared with expectations for quality and cost. Thank you! Samantha
  10. Professional Staff = Fantastic Photos

    Thanks again for capturing the moments that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.  On behalf of my wife and I thank you for the outstanding service and commitment to photographing the best day of our lives.  We have received so many compliments on the shots from all our friends and family.  The videos are amazing and a real treat for us share with all of friends and family.  Finally we would also like to say that we truly appreciate the fast turn-around of the beautiful albums and videos th
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