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  1. Thanks so much! Glad it is easy to understand
  2. haha thanks! spell check only goes so far.
  3. Hey Girls! I'm working on my website and wanted to see if you have any suggestions? We haven't had our engagement photos taken yet so I know I am missing that, but any other feedback would be great! http://sweetnlow.weddingwindow.com/
  4. Thanks so much! I actually just copied the icon with links from the weather channel website and pasted it into the text section on my website. It took a few attempts, but it finally worked out!
  5. We are using wedding window and really love it! It is free for one year from the start date...we started early and will have to upgrade before the wedding. We haven't had our engagement photos taken yet so I know we are missing that, but take a look and let me know what you think and if I forgot anything! http://sweetnlow.weddingwindow.com/
  6. Yeah we had the same problem with the cost for the guests. Most people ended up getting on board...they just needed some time to wrap their heads around it. We selected a lot of rooms under our contract for the "special" price to make sure we gave guests options if they wanted to upgrade. They will hold the rooms until 60 days before the wedding and then they release them. I don't think there is any cost for holding extra rooms... at least I hope not!
  7. I estimated $2500 per couple for 3 nights. $1000 round trip flight for two from BWI (most guests live near us in Baltimore), and $500 per night per couple for 3 night all inclusive stay. The wedding coordinator quoted us I think $467 per couple per night for 3 nights all inclusive. I stuck with the $500 it says online thinking with the discount the taxes would make it about the same price. I have no idea about the non all inclusive prices for the rooms. We went with all inclusive bc most of our guests are big drinkers and the rest are really big foodies so it made sense for us. We are also having our welcome reception on Friday at the beach BBQ and that is included in the all inclusive price...sorry hoped that helped a little!
  8. We really loved the villas too, but when our family started replying we found out that they weren't too interested in staying in the villas. I know there are beach front villas, but the are more expensive. Most of us want to be near the beach and I think a lot of the rooms/suites are ocean view or ocean front. We love the ocean front hibiscus suite We also didn't pick the villas b/c we wanted to go to the swim up bar and spend a lot of time socializing and we felt like we might miss out on that if each family was holed up in their own villa. The villas do look really beautiful and it seems like a great idea!
  9. That is so weird.. we don't want to get married on the beach either! haha We actually sent out save the dates in an informal email poem thing and asked guests to reply back yes if they were ninty to one hundred percent certain they wanted to attend. We didn't tell them the name of the hotel or alot of details; just that we were planning to go to Jamaica. the dates and estimated costs for them. We explained that we needed a min number and not to worry if they had to say no right now. We are still going to sed out formal invites in the summer to everyone, but that really gave us a good idea as far as the number. It was a little unconventional, but most people were really excited and felt like they were planning the wedding with us. You also have to block out rooms in your contract so if you decide on Half Moon I would recommend asking guests which type of room they would like and ask them to look on the website. You get a group discount on rooms but only in the rooms you block out. So if someone wants a suite an you only blocked reg rooms ornall villas then they are out of luck. Just one more thing to think about! Let me know if you have any other questions! I know it's hard to find Half Moon brides. I only found one on here and I think she actually was getting married this month. Can't wait to hear what she has to say!
  10. The date will be June 23, 2013 and the place will be Half Moon! We sent out save the dates to 70 family members and recieved back 30 definte yesses. We are still not sure about the ceremony locations but the reception will be at the Sugar Mill with those ahhhmazing lanterns in the trees! Now we are looking into excursion options and working with our Half Moon connections in Jamaica to finalize the details and create a website for our guests to reference (highly recommend weddingwindow.com).
  11. After talking with Danielle, we decided not to use our travel agent. She would have needed to add 10% to the guest price for her commission. Currently waiting to hear back from Danielle to finalize some details and sign a contract! We are thinking of sending out a save-the-date email to get a good estimate of the number of guests planning to attend, but I think that may be a waste of time. We know the room costs and they will not change based on the number of guests. I'm starting to think it may be better to create a wedding website with all of our necessary information and send out formal invites in June. (one year ahead) We will give guests a window that they need to send a deposit to Danielle to secure their room. If they haven't given their deposit by the designated date we will know they are not coming. Still thinking about this though...
  12. We haven't visited. We just fell totally in love with Half Moon and the unique Jamaican vibe. Thanks for any pics you can post! Can I ask; how far in advance did you send out formal invites? Did you send out save the dates or create a website or anything? Evidently to get the price Danielle quoted me we can not use a travel agent. I want to make sure our guests have plenty of time to think over attending and time to save up if they need to, but I also need to know how many we will have attending to make sure the wedding comes in on budget. Help!
  13. I have seen Michael Saab blogs and LOVE them! I was just hoping one of you ladies could give a more personal account of your experience. My travel agent (Kim) called me today to say that Danielle gave me the best room price and wouldn't give Kim the same price. Did any of you experience this?
  14. Congratulations girls! We are getting married at Half Moon in June 2013. I can't find any wedding reviews from Half Moon brides. Can you girls let me know any suggestions/tips and please please please write a review and post some pics? Any help you can give will be SO appreciated!
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