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  1. Hi Ladies, I have not been on here lately (sick again...must be the stress of the wedding!) but it seems like i missed a lot! lciz you looked AMAZING!!!!!!! Your pics are great and it is so nice of you to post and help us out while you are on vacation. I was originally working with N, but somehow I got transitioned over to Llenny. From my understanding, N is the Manager while Llenny is a Coodinator (scary thought of having N as your boss right!). Llenny is pretty good with getting back to me in a few days. However, after I filled out my wedding planner with ALL of the details I se
  2. Wow lciz so exciting...only a few more days! I have my fingers crossed that everything goes okay for you. That is very weird that you have not heard back. I have had several emails from the WC in the last few weeks. Maybe they missed yours? Can you resend it so that they at least get to see it before the big day? Put something in the subject line so they look at it right away! That is to bad about the MsBlissMpls. I know it sucks when you plan your whole idea around something and then have to change it. Hopefully you can find a solution you are happy with!
  3. Who told you that about the bouquets and boutineers? It says on the excellence website you get both and in the form you fill out it list both seperate as a choice? It does feel like you get Nicole's and dimed. My wedding is in three weeks and there are so many details not planned!!!
  4. I ended up calling (which for simple questions I want answers to I find a way better option then email!) and it is 16 per person per hour to extend the reception. Has anyone with the gold package booked their spa appointments for their free love bird package? How do we go about doing that?
  5. Only to 10pm? What kind of party is that?!? Yikes I did not think it would be so expensive! I wonder if I could to do 11:30 what they would charge for 1 1/2 hours?
  6. Hi Everyone! We are having our reception starting at 7 pm. I believe it would then go to 11 pm right (we are at the event terrace). Does anyone know the cost if we wanted to extend it to midnight? Thanks!
  7. Would anyone be able to send me the cake choices (pictures) for the gold package? As well, with the gold package do you get 4 cold apps and 4 hot appetizers? I would email N but I am still waiting to hear about the questions I emailed her a week ago. My email is ndeault@hotmail.com Thanks!!!
  8. Even though our wedding is small, we still decided to hire a DJ. We thought that all of our guests had to make sacrifices to come to our wedding and it is costing them a lot. To help show our appreciation, we really want to put on a good party for them! Instead of hiring the hotel DJ though we hired DJ Discomovil Cancun for $600 for 4 hours. They have been AMAZING to work with. We also decide to rent a dance floor from them for $500 They were cheaper then anywhere else we got quotes from. We are also getting cold fireworks and a few other things. He was so nice, even after N gave me the wrong
  9. That is crazy about the flowers! But I can't believe it since we are doing the EXACT same thing. OH NO!!! That is an insane amount. If we got the gold package, can we not just pay a price to upgrade. At least that way it is not over $400 but may only be like $200? Same with the bouquet? At this rate my table will only have one centerpiece! Can someone else also send me the list of flowers for centerpieces please. My email is ndeault@hotmail.com It is to late to change things for us now I think, we already based everything around it. However, what I think I may do is just the
  10. Hi Ladies, I can't believe it is getting so close to our wedding dates for most of us! I am also SUPER frustrated with the slow response time. I find it frustrating because we are in the home stretch. I have so many questions and am not getting the answers! I finally did hear back about the decor rentals. You can use Planner1 with no vendor fee or rent through the hotel. I am not sure which one we are doing yet because I am still waiting to hear back from her about the cost of certain decor stuff at the hotel. I hate the waiting game!
  11. Hi Everyone, Just a couple of things to add...and a need to vent! We are going to premake up our tip envelopes and then just not seal them. That way if we need to change the amount we can do so. Then I will give them to someone to hold onto at the reception like my father. We are having our ceremony at the beach, cocktail at the X Lounge and reception at the Event Terrace (same this as the convention terrace). We love how private and beautiful that area was. I have my dress but no fitting yet! Now to my vent...urgh... been corresponding with the wedding cooridnato
  12. I saw the review on trip advisor too! I also heard back from the new wedding Manager. I emailed her back and also had my travel agent confirm all of our rooms just to be on the safe side! I am sure it will take some time before she has us all sorted out but I think that as brides we are all pretty organized which will help her, help us! I actually work as an event planner as my day job so sometimes I find it hard to plan a wedding from far away. Being crazy detail oriented can actually work against you a bit in this situation! I know that all of our weddings will be great and I am so grateful
  13. Hi Ladies! I have been MIA from the boards for the last little bit. Life has been very busy and crazy for the last few months! I have been following the board and just been catching up on the posts. We are also getting married on April 17, 2012 and I can't tell you how frustrated and dissapointed I am to here that Ileana is no longer with the resort. Originally I started planning with Yamina, then Ileana, then Gustavo, then back with Ileana. Now to find out she is gone is so frustrating!!! Mostly because we already had arranged for some things and made special arrangments and everytime I start
  14. Hi guys, I had asked Ileana about an outside DJ but from what I remember reading somewhere in the info she sent me, outside djs are not allowed and you now how to use the inhouse dj. I would check with them for sure. If DJ's are allowed I would also like the contact you have as that is a great price! Has anyone just rented the soundsystem from EPM and brought an IPOD?
  15. Hello, I want to get a customized wire hanger. I have been looking on Etsy for ones that I like the writing. I remember reading a long time ago that a lot of brides were buying their hangers from one specific supplier who did a great job. I believe she even had times of the week when she would sell them at a discount? Can someone let me know if they bought a hanger and where they got one from? Thanks!
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