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  1. Thank you! We didn't complain. To be honest, I didn't think about it at the time. We were having a great time regardless
  2. Thanks! Because we received a license from Jamaica, we didn't have to get documentation. It is written in English and recognized in Canada (I know for non-English speaking countries, it has to be translated and notarized before it is recognized). We just had to bring our long-form birth certificate (we mailed notarized copies and then brought notarized copies with us - DO NOT bring your original because they'll keep it). If you have been divorced, you also need to bring proof of divorce. good luck!
  3. Unfortunately it was done all on email. I itemized my emails and made my own lists though and it was a huge help when I got to the ROR and had the meeting with Antoniette. I can't stress enough how important it is to bring all email correspondence, especially if you dealt with Chandlyn. Â I was so surprised that we were deciding things the day before the wedding and everything was perfect on the wedding day. I am such a planner but I had to reign it all in and go with the flow because it was really out of my hands until we got to the resort. Â Good luck! Â
  4. I just wanted to let everyone know that I received my marriage certificate/license (I am not sure what it's called) from Jamaica today! We were married July 20th so it took about a month and a half and it was couriered to my house.
  5. Thank you! I left the cake topper at home and bought the one in the photos at the gift shop. When I got home, the one I had forgotten just didn't fit the cake and I am SO happy that I used the wooden one. Â Â
  6. I am making Mango jam for our favours. They will also act as place cards - on the label I am going to put the flavour, a thank you note and on the other side I am going to have the guests name and the first line of our wedding song "strange and beautiful are the stars tonight". Â Our ahr invites are green and brown, a change from our champagne and navy colours we used in Jamaica. I am doing an 'autumn at the beach' theme for our ahr (it's October 1st) which is why I decided to make preserves out of a tropical fruit to kind of meld the 2 together. I hope I can get 100 jars made in time!
  7. I don't think they told anyone of the policy change. I didn't know about it and didn't think anything of it because I assumed they were trying to correct the troubles that firing Chandlyn caused. Â I really wish they would have at least sent out a mass email explaining the changes. Â Good luck to everyone getting married! Everything will turn out, think positively!
  8. The reason I chose Tai Flora was because their reply time was so great. I was really happy with them. Â I have read on this site about floral fantasy but my FI and I decided to pay the extra for Tai thinking that 'you get what you pay for'. I couldn't have been happier with them. Â I don't know what the 'vendors fee' refers to. I had asked Chandlyn about Tai and she said that they do a lot of work with them. I was comfortable knowing that Tai knew the wedding venues and reception sites so when they suggested decor, everything was exactly how they explained it. Â The beach par
  9. When I met with Antonette, she went over everything and told me that what ever I had confirmed with Chandlyn is what she will honour (locations, prices, etc.). Bring all your correspondence (I arrived with stacks of printed emails) that you had with Chandlyn. I think that their 'new policy' will mostly pertain to new brides who hadn't been in contact with Chandlyn. There was also another wedding on the same day as mine but they didn't want to book a reception venue (we chatted with them earlier), they were happy with celebrating at one of the bars. You never know what the plans of the oth
  10. I looked into this as well because I had had enough with not getting a reply. There is a company that caters to cruise ship guests who port in Jamaica, get married and then get back on the ship in the evening. They also don't require you to be in the country for 48 hours.  http://www.tropicalweddingsjamaica.com/about.html  I think this is the one I looked into (it's been a while!) but this company is in Ocho Rios so it's close to the RIU. If you are thinking on getting married off resort, then I would also suggest having the reception there as well. I was worried more about the
  11. We were also double booked and had to get married at 2. We had the champagne reception at the wedding site which took us to 3pm. Our guests were grateful for the break between ceremony and reception - mostly everyone hit the beach/pool (including myself and our wedding party) and the kids went for a nap. Everyone was refreshed and ready to go for the reception. Â I don't know about other weddings you have gone to but almost every other wedding at home has a huge break between the ceremony and reception while the wedding party/bride and groom have photos done. The scenario I had at ROR
  12. 1. We wanted beach, beach, beach which is how we chose our reception venue. We had dinner at Mammee Bay and wanted a whole change of scene for the dancing and the poolside looks nice but it's something we could have done at home - the beach fit our vision perfectly! I didn't even find out about this forum until after we had decided on the venue. Â 2. For my decor for the ceremony, dinner and reception (including all the flowers), we paid $2460 US. Â 3. The packages are based on the number of guests. We had 51 people and the Caprice was the only package that accomodated a large g
  13. I dealt with Antonette who I believe is the full time WC now. I never met Tina when I was there, makes sense that she has left because I believe she was just on loan from the RIU Negril. Â I also think that they reply to brides in order of weddings. They get swamped with emails and I didn't hear anything from them either in the months leading up to my wedding but as soon as it was super-close, all my emails were replied to promptly. I don't agree with their way of doing things but they have a teeny tiny office and there are only a few women working there so I kind of get it. If your w
  14. I love your photos!! You look so beautiful!! Â I totally agree that you have to be informed about what this resort is all about if you want to get married here. I didn't see a poolside reception while I was there - yours looked wonderful!
  15. I wondered why Antonette kept asking me how much Chandlyn quoted us for the steel drum band! We paid $350 for it. Â We paid for everything the day before the wedding and although it was a little stressful, we had to believe that it would work out and it did! My friends who have gotten married in Mexico also had to pre-pay for their wedding so I think it might be a resort standard. They may be afraid that if they do everything as asked for your wedding, they won't get paid in the end.
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