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  1. Ladies, what are you doing for your wedding favors for those having an at home reception. I thought about a candy buffett and using that as my favors, but my reception is Halloween Night and there will already be a ton of candy floating around somewhere. I don't know what I want to use, some of the favors are expensive. Also did you order an amount equal to your number of guests, expecting that everyone would take one? I'll be having a very large AHR but I'm wondering if I should order enough for everyone or just barely enough so I won't have anything left over.
  2. I am having an AHR two weeks after we get back from Jamaica. We are the only two that would be in Jamaica and I wanted to have something for my family and friends when we get back. Especially since I have a close, tight knit family. But it has blown up into a full blown reception. I will be glad when the entire month of October is over really. You should have seen the looks on my mom and aunts face when I told them I didn't want a garter/bouquet toss. They were like "but its tradition". Whatev!
  3. I want to write my own vows so my wedding planner just told me to bring them with me to my meeting with the WC there.
  4. We picked 11am for pretty much the same reasons you did. :-) Quote: Originally Posted by scarolinagirl81 Hi We are getting married at Sandals Negril in June 2010. We chose 11 am b/c it is still cool and it is less likely to rain in the morning. Plus the thought of going all day and trying not to see each other would be hard on the resort. Good luck!
  5. I am seriously leaning towards going with micro braids, the style where its not really braided all the way, you know. I know how my hair does with Florida humidity so its going to act a fool over there. But I did have the same question and hadn't gotten around to posting it yet.
  6. My email address is this screen name at aol dot com. I'm not sure who my wedding coordinator is. I booked the room but no one has contacted me as of yet. Thanks for your reply.
  7. I thought I may have seen the post during a search but can't find it, does someone have pictures of the options for the wedding locations at Sandal's Dunns river? I want an idea of what they offer. Also anyone know anything about the photographers they offer at Sandal's Dunns? Do they pretty much pick one for you, or do they have only one at each resort? Thanks
  8. My fiance and I were discussing what he was going to wear on our wedding day at Sandals Dunn's. I was wondering if they had places on site or close by where he can just rent a nice tux, or a white linen suit as opposed to us buying one? Did anyone go this route or did most of the grooms buy before traveling?
  9. Another question I thought about and some of my friends would kill me for asking this (because they know me and my Blackberry are attached at the hip) I know I am going to get married and relax and all, but will my blackberry work over there (Verizon) and will I have good internet access? I haven't traveled out of the country much. I want to at least be able to call my parents or email them and other close friends and family to announce that we are finally married. Especially since we are traveling with just the two of us.
  10. Girl I don't know what I am going to do if I have a girl. You know they are quick to throw little girls in pink. LOL
  11. So if the stateside WC calls or emails just tell them I want to order everything else when I get there?
  12. JamaicaBride I usually kick AKA's to the curb but you have been so sweet and helpful I think I'll keep you around (my soon to be sister in law and one of my best friends is an AKA as well and I harrass them all day every day). I am ready to leave like today!!
  13. We decided all of a sudden yesterday to upgrade our room to the Roman Honeymoon Concierge, so I can have 24 hour room service, because sometimes getting out of bed in the morning these days to eat anything is a feat. I'm glad we did because on the Sandals website it now says that room Category is sold out.
  14. I decided to do our airfare seperately since I have a travel voucher on American Airlines that I need to use or lose. I would fly into Montego Bay (Sangster) correct? And I would be able to just catch the bus or shuttle or whatever to Ocho Rios? What is the best time to fly in and out?
  15. JamaicaBride, see the question I posted to you in the the other thread. I just had to come back in here though and read about that brick oven pizza again, haha
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