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  1. Thanks! I believe he got his tie from Le Chateau. The tree is on site and right in the middle of the beach! I've seen other wedding pics with this tree...seems to be a popular photo prop! Hubby's suit is Hugo Boss from a local store in Toronto (store name is The Coop) and the groomsmens outfits are from islandimporter.com
  2. Thanks Everyone! We both got our shoes at Walden Galleria in Buffalo. His are VANS (I can't remember exactly what store it was from). Mine are from Bakers Shoes. Quote: Originally Posted by BeachBridein11 Beautiful!!!! Also wondering where you got your shoes!!! Our photographer was actually our good friend who came for our wedding (we're all from Toronto, Canada). He just started doing photography (Fusion Light Photography). Ours was his first destination wedding photo shoot! We're so happy with the way the photos came out. I would definitely recommen
  3. I just wanted to share with you all some pics from my Feb. 12, 2011 wedding at ROR and TTD session!
  4. Yes, they did change the times. I got married there last month. My ceremony was supposed to be at 4 pm. It was only until I arrived at the resort and during my meeting with the WC that I found out my ceremony was changed to 3 pm. I was told that my ceremony was at 3 pm all along but of course I had all my previous correspondence and confirmation emails. Anyway, the WC checked the wedding that was booked for 5 pm and said we could keep our 4 pm timeslot since the next wedding only had 4 people (including the bride and groom) so it wouldn't require a lot of time to set up. I would definite
  5. You won't need to pay a vendor fee if they are dropping things off. But if they need to come onto the property to set up things like the huppah, lanterns, lights, etc, you will need to pay a vendors fee. Tai Flora and Shangri-La (florists) are both contracted by ROR so if you order through them, you will not need to pay a vendors fee.
  6. I think it's just one string per pillar. They quoted me for 8 pillars and I would assume Tai Flora knows this because they do set ups there all the time.
  7. Hi there...I'm getting married there in 2 weeks!! I'll also be having a poolside reception. Are you inquiring about the string lights wrapped around the pillars or the lit paper lanterns hung up on the "ceiling"? I got quotes for both from Tai Flora - the lights wrapped around the pillars are $22 each and the set up of paper lanterns with lights is $400.
  8. Thanks for the review! Pics look great and you look so happy! I'm disappointed to hear that the staff don't help set up at all. I had previous arrangements with Chandlyn and she agreed to help with the decor so I went and bought stuff that needs to be set up. The new WC said that she would "try" to accomodate any previous arrangements but seems like I'll have to get my guests to help out.
  9. Yes VERY easy to miss that part on their website! I called them today to ask why I couldn't proceed with my order and the rep told me about that link on the top right corner of the page. I asked why the site still gave me the option to enter the province but no option to select my country when checking out and he said "Ya, our website is kinda wonky and we're working on it". Of course they won't honour yesterday's prices which I'm SOOO bummed about it. I think there's only free shipping to Canada if your order is over $100.
  10. I tried ordering because they say they ship to Canada as well but when I went to complete my billing/shipping address, it allowed me to enter the province but no option to select Canada!! I tried calling them and doing the online chat for help but to no avail. So disappointed that I couldn't put my order through =(
  11. PolorI69 - Thanks for the advice. I'm getting married there in 3 months and have emailed the WC's there with no reply. I'm getting a bit anxious because there are certain things that I want dealt with before I get there. Can give me the DJ info you found on Facebook and why have you chosen him instead of the resort DJ? I'm looking forward to reading your review when you get back! Wish you the best!
  12. That's great news!! I also got my locaton confirmed after tons of emailing!!! Â
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