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  1. I feel you girl!!!! I was shocked at the photography sticker price for a wedding. The typical wedding photographer (that I loved, anyway) tripled my budget. Im a huge fan of photojournalism and knew i would look at the pics daily for the next ten years (ha), but couldnt bear the idea of going into debt over a wedding photographer. With that said, after about 40 combined hours of searching for a photographer (no joke), I found (www.erickpozos.com) He's PHENOMENAL!!!!!!! He is one of the top destination photographers in the world (even teaches at wedding photography conventions h
  2. hi girls!!!! Sorry ive been MIA for a month, but its been crazy around here!!! working, raising a toddler, planning a destination wedding, attending grad school and planning an AHR is no easy feat!!!!!!! I'll try to start throwing together a review.... in the meantime, my fb is www.facebook.com/misti.hagemann. You can go there for pics. I wont be on here too much so if you have any q's email me at mistinicole@yahoo.com. I prob wont have TOO MANY answers since I went basically free all the way, but I'll answer what I can. Oh! and for those of you looking for a photogr
  3. Without a shadow of a doubt erick pozos. (www.erickpozos.com) He's PHENOMENAL!!!!!!! He is one of the top destination photographers in the world (even teaches at wedding photography conventions here in the states), yet is a fraction of the price of del sol (dont get me wrong, they take beautiful pics, but I just didnt have several thousand to drop on photography). He lives in Mexico, but it was cheaper to fly him to Jamaica to shoot our wedding than it was to use one of the mediocre photographers there. We just had our wedding last week so it will be a while before the pics are read
  4. Be weary of this company For me, the color did not look like it does online, nor did it look like a "turquoise." They posted their "store room hours" online so I went buy to see if I could exchage it. I had NOT opened the package - it was sealed, so I didnt think there would be any problem exchanging it. Upon walking in, I got so many strange looks and uncomfortable faces. Women in the office stared continuously as I talked to Robert (of Weddinglinendirect). I dont know how they were so shocked someone was in the office. Apparently, they do not want people to come visit their store, de
  5. hahaha!!! oops! Apparently Im already going by his last name, lol!
  6. hey girls, how long before the wedding were you expected to pay off your hotel room?
  7. Ive heard great things about this too from many diff review sites
  8. pretty sure that is it. it was three years ago
  9. http://ziplinejamaica.com/tours.html
  10. 5 pm. I cannot wait!!!!!!! Quote: Originally Posted by hutchets CONGRATULATIONS MISTY!!! What time is your wedding going to be?
  11. thanks hc for the review, it was helpful. and thank you bmadzia for the info. Its confirmed: I am a June 10th RIU bride!!!
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