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  1. i´m torn between something serious but meaningful like: you say it best when you say nothing at all - alison krauss this kind of love - sister hazel or something sexy and fun that is much more our style of music like.... i feel you - depeche mode
  2. good luck, mocha!! i´m dying with anticipation... my dress was shipped on time from inweddingdress.com, but it´s been in transit for two weeks!! i live in mexico, so it was held up by the customs here and then i had to actively contact the shipping company in order to pay the customs taxes and fees... now it looks like it has been released and should be here today or tomorrow. i leave for my wedding in less than two weeks. please send good vibes that the dress is perfect and doesn´t need alterations!!! thanks for the good vibes!! amy
  3. magirl - yeah.. it does look great!! so happy for you. my dress from inweddingdress.com should be here this week -it´s on it´s way. the anticipation is killing me!!
  4. wow!! it´s really difficult finding other brides who are getting married at sandos caracol! my wedding is scheduled for april 23, 2011 so ´the date is fast approaching. well, just wanted to say hello to all the past and future sandos caracol brides!! amy
  5. i took the plunge and ordered my dress on inweddingdress.com. i'll post pics as soon as i get it! i'm so nervous... with shipping and everything it cost $310. hopefully the money wasn't wasted!!
  6. sent you a PM! i want 'em!!
  7. yeah, unfortunately that is still way out of my budget... looking for something under $1000. i don´t need a photographer for the whole day...
  8. i'm also thinking about ordering from inweddingdress.com. hoping for some comments!!!
  9. anyone get some really great photos for the cost? i know the saying, you get what you pay for, but i do think there has to be some amazing photographers out there looking to build their portfolio with wedding or ttd sessions. please let me know if any of you got a good deal on a photographer in the riviera maya!
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