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  1. Oh the dress is an AA original, tags and all still on it.
  2. Barefoot jewelry 1 for $18. Size 8. Bridal jewelry set $30. My Alfred Angelo gown, never worn other than for fitting. The only alterations done were to hem 3 inches. I am 5'5 so this is perfect for anyone close to that height. Tag size 16, but it is a corset back so size 14 and 18 can also fit. Price negotiable. I bought these for my BMs. I have three Size 7, 9 and 10. The backs stretch so the sizes can fit up or down a size. $10 each.
  3. Organza bags, tissue, tylenon, mints, lip balm and sanitizr are spoken for.
  4. Wedding never happened. Need to get rid of stuff. PM me with items you are interested in: Â 50 (5 packs of 10) 4x6 Organza bags $10 Â Â My Real Touch Bouquet and 6 Real touch bouts - Willing to let it all go for $130 OBO Â Â 12 tealight holders - $10 Â 9 packs of lip balm (total of 18) - $6 Â 3 packs of tissues - $2 Â Â 10 packs of sanitizer (total of 20) - $7 Â Â 6 packs of mints (total of 20) $5 Â Â Â 7 boxes of Tylenol with 3 packs in each - $5 Â 2 white and 1 pink parasol with designs - $25
  5. Sounds like a personal preference. If you want it early, then its your day, do it at 11! Mine is at 4pm, only because I want a steady flow of events instead of it being broke up for hours at a time. I'm hoping to be able to get in some daylight since the ceremony doesn't last all that long AND some sunset pictures...hopefully the best of both. I'm sure whatever you decide will be great!
  6. I'm due to ROR in two weeks. My legal ceremony is this Thursday. I was told by the Coordinators that for a symbolic ceremony I could just bring the marriage certificate with me instead of mailing it in prior.
  7. Ladies, I would be as patient as possible. With all of the changes going on, I am positive they are playing catch up, along with learning the new gig at the same time. My wedding is in three weeks and have had no issue with them responding back at all. I think they are prioritizing based on the timing of each wedding. I have been up and through this entire site and from past bride's postings, its quite normal for them to wait until closer to your wedding date to begin scheduling things in. This IS supposed to be less stressful, so try not to let all of this get the best of you right now. It WI
  8. Basically a look like this, inspiration from another BDW bride! Â
  9. We were using the as favors. Basically I was putting in sand that matches the sand from our sand ceremony and adding a tag that states that we want people to take away part of that. I thought someone could do something similar if they are having an AHR and possibly use them as favors. I'm not having an AHR so it won't work for me.
  10. Eeek I leave in 18 days too! Countdown begins. We are having our JPW on Thursday! It seems surreal!
  11. I got these bottles and realized thy are way bigger than what I wanted. Since shipping would be a beast, I thought I would see if anyone here would want to buy them. I'm selling them for $40 plus shipping (willing to negotiate depending on how you want them shipped). PM me if interested. Â
  12. Jennifer, did you bring down all the decor with you, or was that all supplied by Tai Flora?
  13. I contacted Tai Flora directly and for this exact structure would be around 2500 for 35 people. And yes, you'd have to pay the additional 55/pp for food.
  14. We aren't having one, I think we both prefer it that way. We're having a jack and jill shower, which is more like a "send off" party instead. I feel like the whole point of doing a DW (for us) was to avoid the whole thing here.
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