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  1. I haven't even thought about that yet, but that's great that they sent you the portfolio. Did it have pictures? If so, would you mind posting them? I only have a week now and would love to see whatever they sent you.
  2. I decided to bring my own photographer. He's a friend and is going to do all of our pictures for free and prints at cost in exchange for us paying for his trip. I figured this way we would get more bang for our buck. But here is a link of a really good review with pictures from the resort photographer. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/59689/puerto-aventuras-dreams-badrianne-adrianne-s-may-15-2010-long-wedding-review
  3. Wish I could help you but I'm afraid I'm in the same boat. Originally I wanted to have mine on the beach but have been having second thoughts. I've heard it can be pretty windy. The good news is that you don't have to actually decide until you get there. Jacy told me that she will show us all the spots when we arrive and we can make our final decision after we have a chance to see it in person. So I hope that helps put you at ease a bit.
  4. I love it TRose! Beautiful! I am having the neckline changed to a sweet heart neckline and will attach a flower pin to the strap.
  5. I'm getting married in a few weeks and still need jewelry for my TTD shoot. I've spent countless hours on Etsy recently (it's so easy to get lost there!) and can't make up my mind. There are just way too many cute things to choose from! Here's my TTD dress: Since it's pretty plain I want my jewelry to stand out a bit but still look bridal. Here are the 3 sets I found on Etsy: Number 1. This one is made with sea glass. Number 2. This one is coral. Number 3. This one is abalone. They all come as sets with the necklace, earrings, and bracelet. And they a
  6. Those look great. I was just about to order some. I read on another post here that you can choose certain colors if you order by phone. I want pink and orange, but didn't like the pink on in the picture I got from almos when I emailed them. Yours looks much brighter like what I want. Is it really that bright or is it just the picture?
  7. They both look so great on you. I actually tried on both of those and loved them but went with a different one more similar to the Jenna dress. So I know how torn you must be. Personally, I think the Briana dress looks a bit better. But that's just a tiny bit, and given that these are sample dresses that don't actually fit I'm sure the other would be just are beautiful in the right size. Wish I could help you more but this is one you just have to know yourself. And when you make that decision you will KNOW you made the right choice. Good luck! You will be absolutely gorgeous in eit
  8. I'm so sorry to hear all of that! I hope you were still able to enjoy your wedding day. Hopefully, years from now, you and your husband will be able to look back and laugh at all the things that went wrong and really appreciate the special moments you shared during that time. My parents were married in Jamaica 30 years ago this month, and my mom said nothing went right. The minister mispronounced her name, it poured, my dad had an allergy attack, and the over half of their pictures are of a verse on the wall that their friend thought was hilarious, "Behold I come quickly." Yet despite all
  9. I ordered these cute clutch bags from a seller on Etsy for my BMs. I want to have a personal thank you message on the inner label of each (like the pic below) but am having a hard time thinking of what to write. I have three BMs, my best friend and 2 SILs (my brother's wife and FIs sister). I had no prob coming up with a message for my best friend but can't think of what to put for my SILs since I don't know them as well. I want something short and personal. Can any of you help?
  10. If you want a unique ring holder you have to check out this website! This lady makes ring bearer bowls which are so cute. After your wedding you can put it by your night stand or sink and it can be still be a ring holder. I love the idea of the same item used in my wedding being useful for years later. She also does custom work, so you can have one made just for you with your names and wedding date. http://www.palomasnest.com/
  11. It looks like there is a really bright pink or pinky red in there. That would be pretty and festive for a wedding in Mexico. It would also stand out well with the dark suite and white shirt. Very pretty dresses by the way. I'm sure your BMs will be happy with those.
  12. I'm having a legal ceremony in Mexico in September. I though you had to have your Mexican marriage certificate translated and then I heard something about registering it in your county? I'm confused. Let me know how your visit at the SS office went. If they have no probs with it then I don't think anyone else would.
  13. I got a cheaper one for my TTD. I don't think I can handle ruining my actual wedding dress. Plus my dress has a mermaid skirt and I don't think it would work well for a TTD shoot. So I got a cheaper more flowy dress for that.
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