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  1. Thanks, we have been kindda worried because we have heard such mixed reviews, a few people that i know personally went there this year to get married and said everything was perfect then you go on trip adivisor and everyone is bashing the resort our little guy is coming with us so we needed something kid friendly and affordable! hope you have a beautiful wedding i have only read excellent things about ur resort
  2. Name: Alicia & Jason Location: Ocho Rios Sunset Jamaica Grande Wedding Date: February 24 2011 In JA : Feb 21-Feb28
  3. We had originally booked our time slot for a 4pm ceremony...but we are now considering an 11am ceremony...we are being married at The Sunset Jamaica Grande Feb 19 2011, and the only have 3 time slots a day...my H2B does'nt want to have to be seperated an entire day from family and friends and neither do I seems like a waste of a day...whats your thoughts, we aren't having a reception just goin to book reservations at one of the restaurants and see if they will sit us close together. so thats not a big deal, and neither are sunset pictures. i live near the water and would rather have the beautiful blue water than the water that looks like my back yard.
  4. Well after literally months of research we have finally chosen Sunset Jamaica Grande for our February 2011 Destination wedding! Not our first choice i must say but since we have a tribe full of children travelling with us and our closest family and friends it seemed like one of the best child friendly resorts! We had first chosen the GBP but realized the costs were double for literally EVERYTHING! and since this is my second wedding we are footing the bill for it all... If there are any past or present brides that would like to share info and planning please do, as i see 95% of this site is full or ROR and GBP brides  Congrats to everyone & happy planning!!
  5. Name: Alicia & Jason Location:Sunset Jamaica Grande Date: February 19, 2011 Feb.16th-Feb23
  6. considering one of these 2 resorts, any past or present brides out there?
  7. i emailed beverly this morning and she emailed right back! i was shocked lol she sent me prices for the photographers packages, if anyones interested send me a msg and ill send you the link
  8. just wondering if anyone has used the resorts photographer and what their prices are like?
  9. thanks! have u checked into the prices of the hotel photographer? im also thinking of taking my own flowers did u order them online? oh also do u know if u have to haave a certain amount of guests to have the free wedding?
  10. Katelynn or akua .... have you looked into prices for pictures? im wondering what their packages are like.
  11. oh i am considering goin with the resort photographer but i dont want to get ripped off, one of my ffriends got married at the Sunset Grande And payed only 500us for her pics she was able to pick out 100 to put on cd and got 2 5x7s free. i like that deal, BUT im sure the GBJ prices for pics are a bit higher.
  12. thanks everyone for the great info, this is my second wedding so my FI and i aren't having any help from my parents so we kind of want it to be as inexpensive as we can get but we also want a beautiful wedding, photography is VERY important to me as i indulge in the hobby, if i could take my own pics i prolly would.LOL...trying to decide if it would be better to take someone with me or hire one down there or go with the resorts photographer SO MANY DECISIONS!
  13. oh and im also interested in the "free" weddings so if anyone went with this option at any of the hotels please give me some details, and also photography im considering paying for a friend to come do our pics for free, but wondering what the costs are for the hotels photographers
  14. Hey everyone im a complete newbie when it comes to planning a destination wedding and am having trouble understanding how to go about booking...i am goin with a travel agent but do i have to contact the hotel first to see if the date we would like to be married on is available then book our vacation later? Also we are having a handful of children ranging from ages 1-14 and wondering what resorts seem the best and why? We were considering GBJ & ROR if we wanted to go to a fancier resort, and then we were also considering one of the Sunset Resorts. I know that you have to book a cetain amount of rooms to book with ROR but does anyone know if there is a set amount of rooms for GBJ or the Sunsets?
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