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  1. oh my goodness, we really had such similar weddings!!! i got my hair flower at clairs too, lol!! great minds think alike! Briannarae23 ...I would definately find a way to have a reception. we had soooooo much fun eating together and dancing the night away, and it was our way of thanking our guests for spending their time and money to come celebrate our wedding. it might come off as a little rude if you just tell everyone to go eat and meet up later that night. maybe you could do a semi-private dinner at one of the restaurants like we did for our welcome dinner. we were charged $15 pe
  2. Thanks!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE our pics! Juan and Daniel are FANTASTIC!! yeah, it sucked but in NO WAY did it take away from the actual wedding!!! like i said, claudia made it all up to us and on our wedding night, she had the room decorated beautifully i know its easier said than done, but try not to worry too much...best advice: make sure you bring EVERY email down with you so that you can dispute things if you need to! we spent our HM in Secrets Maroma Beach (AMAZING!!!!) so I can't comment on a Dreams HM, but the 4 days we were at Dreams, we had a great time
  3. ladies...since i started this thread, i felt compled to write a final message, lol! congrats to all of us!!! the last year has been amazing and for me, all of the planning and stress and worry paid off! we had a perfect wedding with our closest friends and family. the food was great, the pics are gorgeous our HM was perfect and best of all i LOVE being a wife!!!! i hope all of you are doing just as great and wish you all many many many happy sept anniversaries to come! love you!!! carolina, aka mrs t
  4. We got married a week before the wedding at the court house and i can honestly say that i'm soooooo glad we did this!!! it was just us and our parents so it made it really romantic and meaningful. the whole time we were planning our wedding, i kept saying that i didn't want the courthouse to take away from the wedding in cancun and that it wasn't gonna be a big deal....but in the end it was a big deal. when the judge was talking and we started repeating the vows, it really hit me that i was going to be his wife, it was really exciting!! HOWEVER, this didnt take away AT ALL from the wed
  5. hey ladies i was getting ready to post my review after working on it for 3 hours with tons of pics and every detail and i got a message saying: error98834747 you don't have permission to post. I'm so pissed off right now. I know it's not any b2bs fault and i am truely sorry but i will not be spending any extra time working on another review. you can go on and check the resort section for my overall ratings of things and a link to the photog slideshow. in the end i'd do it all again; the wedding was amazing and i had the time of my life! can't say it enough, but juan navarro (and Dan
  6. I tried to add Mike Cantarell Videography to the vendors review section and it wouldn't let me. I promised Alex that I'd write a review on here so.... I tried to write a review on BDW, but it wouldn't let me...just wanted to say THANK YOU for the amazing video. Alex Gonzalez was absolutely wonderful to work with. We could not be happier with the final product. This video is something that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. You've captured every moment beautifully. I love the video and the slideshow that you put together. Alex, you are extremely talented and I am so glad that
  7. shae: i was looking for the pic you had of the gazebo with the fabric panels from ikea and it's no longer available...if you get this, could you re-post pretty please!! i really want some fabric for the gazebo and i remember thinking yours looked great, but i can't remember exactly what it looks like so i can give cecilia an idea, lol!! thanks!!
  8. thanks for all the support ladies!! i've pretty much just let go of all the stress and worry about guests!!! Â omg, we're all coming and going and getting married... this is just crazy!!! Â when i started this thread last year, it felt like time would go by sooooo slowly! and now it's here and i feel like i need another two months to get everything together, lol! picked up FI's ring on mon and that was CRAZY--makes it real (not that it wasn't already, but you know). Â sooo, bachelorette/bachelor's parties on sat, FI's parents get here tues, we go to the courthouse fri, our pa
  9. definately get your TA on this!!! this is your wedding your talking about and you have to put your friendship aside!! there must be something she can do. maybe the BDW TAs can chime in on this one...post the question in a TA thread. either way YOUR TA is definately responsible for doing the leg work, that's what you get a TA for in the first place!!!
  10. make sure you check off EVERYTHING for the day of...shoes, dress, veil, shoes, hairpiece, flowers, jewelry, garter, under garments...i'm putting all of these things in my dress bag!! except the shoes but those will go in my carry-on. could you imagine if your luggage got lost!!!!! Â sooooo....one of my bridesmaids cancelled on me yesterday! THREE weeks before the wedding, WTF!!! i know it's a lot of money, but i gave them 14 months to plan and save for this trip. i told them each up front that if they thought there was ANY chance they couldnt afford it, then i would completely understand
  11. just like the girls have posted, it's not about your FI at all (unless, he's said something and then you do have bigger issues)...it's about you and how you feel about yourself. just remember you'll have pics of your wedding FOREVER!!! so, if you feel great about the way you look in your dress, then don't stress over those extra pounds. but if you're going to look back and say "i should have put the extra effort into it", then i say yes, you really do need to do it. Â over this past year of planning and looking at tons of wedding magazines, i've seen pics of brides of all shapes and si
  12. 1...dont' be surprised if people give you hard time, try to make you feel guilty, or flat out bitch about how "selfish" you're being for not inviting their kids. like the ladies have said, it's YOUR wedding and you don't have to have ANYONE there that you don't want to invite. just make sure that you are firm in your decision and dont back down!! trust me, i've had "friends" stop talking to me b/c I wont let them bring their "plus-one, met you yesterday, f*ck buddies"!! so you can just imagine how some people can be about their kids!! Â 2....you are not expected to pay for ANYTHING exce
  13. No, my resort (Dreams Cancun) doesn't charge for any set up. You give everything to your WC during your initial meeting and they take care it. I'm taking pics of how I want things set up so that we can have a visual...plus we have enough people going so that we can spread everything out b/t us and we won't get charged any overweight fees at the airport. Â it was worth it for us b/c we wanted to spend that extra money on things like photography and changing resorts for the HM. it just depends on how you want to divide your budget
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