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  1. Sorry, not sure about the roses. I'm sure if you send her a picture though of what you are looking for they will be able to accomodate you.
  2. We just met with Claudia this last week in Cancun to make arrangements for our wedding in July. She is extremley busy so that is why the slow responses via email. Everyday we were there she was doing weddings and receptions all day. One day we saw her leaving at 11:00 P.M. About the flowers, they did just switch to a new vendor. We are doing calla lilies as well and they only come in white. If you don't want them in white, the florist will airbrush them any color you want.
  3. My replies used to be very fast, less than a day usually. Lately I've had to call to get a response. Pipi619....When are you doing your site visit in June? I think we are going to be there in June as well.
  4. It sounds like we would have to wait to do the blood work. I emailed the WC last week but haven't hear back yet. Do you think it's worth while to go there early to plan everything? How much time does it usually take?
  5. We were thinking about going to Dreams Cancun prior to our wedding to make all the arrangments for the wedding. We also wanted to do the blood work. Does anyone know if the blood work part is possible? We weren't sure if the blood work expires after a certain amount of time, or if we leave the country and come back if it expires. Does anyone know??
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by anacgarcia I had emailed Claudia a few weeks ago when me and my FI were unsure about cancunstudios and she told me she was available for 070707, ans then while I was in Cancun I received an e-mail from her telling me she received a request and wanted to know what did I decide.. so it was you!!! I solved my things with cancunstudios anyway... I was afraid they were going to send a random guy to take my pictures but I managed to have agustin (the owner) to take our pics!! The same thing happened to me! I had emailed Claudia a few weeks ago and she was available and then later said she had a request and wasn't sure if she was available. A few days later she emailed me again and said she was available so I booked her. Glad to hear you got cancun studios straightened out! I had emailed Claudia (the WC from Dreams) a couple weeks ago and asked who they use as the photographer for the add-on package and who they use for the photographer for the various wedding packages you can purchase. She never replied to my email though.
  7. We also chose to go with an outside photographer because we didn't want to take any chances using the resort photographer. We just hired Claudia Rodriguez yesterday and her husband for the video. We've read so many great things about her and are very excited to work with them!!
  8. Has anyone already used Vanessa Vargas for their wedding? How was she?
  9. Hi Yelena! Perhaps you can answer some of the questions in the first post? What photographer did you hire? Did you also use the resort photographer that was included in the wedding package? (PM sent with my email for the link to see your pics!)
  10. Does anyone know if Dreams will give you a credit if you go with an outside photographer? It's already included in the Dreams of Love package, but we would rather higher an outside company so we know what we are getting.
  11. Thanks for the info Jessica. Have you seen any prices on the bond fire? I wonder if its private or if anyone from the resort could come over.
  12. The link above was not complete. I got it to work using this one: DREAMS Weddings....
  13. I just gathered up a whole list of questions that I have and posted it here: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t2782 Hopefully this will help others with their planning as well!
  14. If you've been married at Dreams Cancun, or can provide help, I (and I'm sure many others) have some questions that I hoping you can answer!! I'd like to hear some feedback on the Photography and Video services offered by the resort? Is it a resort photographer or do they contract an outside company? What's included...hours of service, digital/film, all pics on CD, etc.? We signed up for a package that included photography/video but now I'm thinking about hiring an outside company to be safe. How was the hair/makeup service? How long did all the legal business take...blood tests, etc.? About how long is the Civil Ceremony? How was the Judge? Professional, easy to understand in English, etc? Did anyone sign up for the stereo/speaker system for the ceremony (not the reception)? It seemed really expensive ($200) and I was wondering if it's worth it. How is the Terrace for the reception? Good location? Is there an option to have a bond fire on the beach with tiki torches, etc? How are the Club Jacuzzi Jr. Suites? Good views of the ocean? Any other tips or suggestions you can think of? Thanks!!!
  15. Thanks for the warm reception! I have many questions and it sounds like I've come to the right place!
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