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  1. Noelle. I am so sorry I just seeing this. We used deco Cancun for a lot. The couches were put in the sand which I loved. I don't know dimensions because they did all that for me. Congrats! Pm me if u have any other questions. Or you can find me on fb jfazzina@aol.com. . I have helped so many brides with their planning so you can ask away!!!
  2. Thanks ladies sorry I haven't been on in awhile. If you have any questions just in box me.... Congrats on your upcoming weddings! It is such a happy time! We've been married almost two years and it feels like yesterday. Good luck and happy Planning!!!!
  3. Congrats on your wedding I can't wait to read your blog I am sure you looked beautiful!
  4. I purchased them at a wholesale store in nyc 5he small ones I bought at xmas tree shop and spray painted all of them. thank u!!!
  5. Strapless dress, sweetheart. Really is gorgeous...have certificate and can get receipts...
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