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  1. hahah Yes i do too!! Thanks You too!! and their is! Its blowing up fast and people are coming from everywhere and booking!! You will have the scoop. I am suprised I havent seen you on FB LOL its been my lifeline!!! Congrats!!!! Quote: Originally Posted by Mookiie21 I booked my Nov 6th 2010 wedding at Secrets Wild Orchid a couple weeks ago! I can't wait. It looks like it will be absolutely beautiful. And Paula...what a sweet and helpful WC!!!! I hope they don't get someone else for Wild Orchid! I'm still waiting on the extras pricing and all that stuff, but check out their fan page on FB...there are quite a few of us Secrets brides out there! Since yours is well before mine...I want the WHOLE scoop!!!! Can't wait. Congrats on the move...I think you've made the right choice!!! Secrets...here we come!
  2. Wow!! Congrats in choosing secrets... and thank you everyone! I cant wait the resort opens next week and the reviews will be pouring in, but for anyone wanting good information. Check them out on their facebook!! Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay | Facebook It's where its at! Pics the head guy who is over seeing the whole project checks in and gives us tons of information because their isn't much right now! Paula was a great help but she was the Events Manager helping out until the WC was placed.. Who is now there and she's starting out great! Her name is Monica and very sweet and responsive. ( Her birthday is our wedding date! ) No pricing lists yet but soon!! We already have much of what we want to do and planned already wont involve much of the resorts wedding options. But they will have some type of beach party going and a shuttle to Margaritaville and the Hip strip at 11 pm..so we are gonna be all over Mo' bay and back on our wedding night! We are also doing the wedding dinner at the Ocean side restaurant. No reservations needed and going a little later so after most dinner rush. We got a Preferred Club Ocean View Swim Out suite at W.O. if anyone wanted to know.. they had some great opening deals. Goodluck and Happy planning! I am glad to hear all the great things said about the secrets chain.. And Oh!One thing secrets does not have at ANY of their resorts is water trampolines but they do at W.O./St James!! that's gonna be great If your already booked or married. This place is def worth checking out for a vacay. Cant wait its getting so close!!
  3. Oohh!karla congrats You finally got hitched!! it seems like forever ago when we all started planning! and I know i think we are the first to book our wedding since they dont even have a WC yet. I will soo be sure to post lots of stuff on here I know we are going to be very happy. and congrats for your wedding and honeymoon at Secrets! Youwill have to let me know what you think and how it goes!! :) sooo excited
  4. Aww thanks. I tell you it hasn't been to hard but not to easy making that change. Im sure a few family members were thinking we were nuts. But all in all its okay. Congrats to you!!! and your new husband!!! Oh yeah 6 booked and counting!!
  5. We were booked for RMB. Our Wedding is May 29th.....And we still want to visit RMB very soon! But as for a wedding goes.... Nothing looked better to us then the New Secrets Wild Orchid/St James resorts Opening In Montego Bay in March....... and as of today it is OFFICIAL!!! WE ARE BOOKED AND RESERVED FOR OUR ROOM AND WEDDING and Flight.. I don't even have a WC yet! haha... But we don't care. We love the look and what they offer is outstanding!! we will figure out the rest as it comes. I don't have any pricing lists yet. I don't have spa pricing yet. No optional add-on list's as of yet! But of course We will be getting them and very soon..... We have an Interim WC. And she has been wonderful. The fact is they look gorgeous and It is said to be alot like Secrets Maroma.. And well--That resort says it all!! We couldn't ask for anything more. We are so glad they are opening! The resort is coming around nicely and looks fantastic! We got a Preferred Ocean View swim up suite and we cannot wait!!! I wanna thank everyone that helped me with RMB. Some of you have been so very helpful that it did not go un noticed. Sherika also contacted us (which in great timing i'd say:) and we informed her of our changes. so that date should be open now.. Anyone needing a sooner then later date---Ours was MAY 29TH 2010 @ RMB... 4 PM ! Riu would always be my second choice. I still love things about the Riu. And Ive seen so many great wedding stories from there I would recommend it for anyone! Best regards to all
  6. I wish you both the best and goodluck ! cant wait to hear of your wonderful adventure!!
  7. I cant wait either! Getting Hitched May 29th at 4 going to do the dinner reception at 6 and then rent the disco for our reception. ive heard alot of ppl doing this. I hope it all works out for all of us.. lol.
  8. Again your the best! Your so helpful! thanks alot Geralyn =) I cannot believe that! That is totally crazy being an hour late Thank goodness DH would wait a lifetime im sure =)
  9. I am really stoked i found that.. Ive been wonderin and you are very welcome! and I fixed my ticker! LOl Whoops! Ill get there on our day I promise...Lol haha -)
  10. I just found this and thought I would share. It's the services that Renova spa offers at all the Riu hotels.. When u click on the package you want to view it then loads a price sheet for its properties. It just always help to plan plan plan lol!!! =) Spa packages - Renovaspa or its www.renova spa.com Its almost the weekend!!! We are doing invites this weekend!!! and 6 months 5 days till i marry my love in jamaica! yipeeeeee
  11. Yeah its great! I am so glad to have this now instead of a month before hand!! =D
  12. Hi ladies.. Is there any former RMB brides or anyone for that fact out there that can tell me.. I seen once on here before.. But with the free wedding package.. Idk if it makes a difference between ROR and RMB.. but is it true even though it says for 10 people you can have up to 30? Can anyone shed any light on this as im trying to figure out if we can still go with the free package or If we have to upgrade to the royal. idk if its worth it for us or not.. I think I would rather pay for upgrades for the ceremony.. What if all our guests are staying at the Riu..? Shouldnt they get drinks and the dinner anyways ? lol.. Its so hard since we cant talk to the WC yet! Does anyone have a price sheet for the add-ons for RMB? they do not display one..but they do at ROR and RTPB... Any help is much apreciated! Jennifer
  13. For sure! I need help! I am signed up for the free wedding.. And I read somewhere you can have up to 30 guests with that, even though it says ten plus us.. I am in real need of finding this out.. bc if not we will have to upgrade to the royal.. Which we are coinsidering already but that is an extra expense we didnt have figured in, but as we go along.. theres alot more ppl who are coming then first thought. lol. So IF anyone can tell me anything more about the free package.. Eeek!!!
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