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  1. I was married at the Melia a few weeks ago. Please believe me when I tell you that you have NOTHING to worry about. The resort is gorgeous! Every venue they provide for your ceremony and reception went beyond our expectations. The WC's there are amazing and did everything to make our wedding day extra special! They even made sure that the rest of our time there went flawlessly. I haven't had time to write a complete review yet (I'm waiting for my professional pictures to come in first!) but will be writing an extensive review. kloc12 - I was in the same dilemma as you...stuck between th
  2. Just as a heads up to all the future brides out there. I brought my dress as a carry-on and had no trouble with bringing it on the plane. However, the moment I walked on the plane, I had a flight attendant tell me straight away that they could not accommodate me with putting the dress in the captain's closet (we flew first class). They actually didn't have one that was accessible outside of the cockpit. With that being said, I took a charter flight so it probably depends on which airline you are traveling with. Just be prepared that you "might" have to store it in the overhead storage. My dres
  3. I'm picking up my dress today and am not giving a tip...not sure if that is proper ettiquette or not but for the price they are charging me for the same alterations as you...I think it's more than enough! Mind you, I am having my dress altered at the bridal salon where I purchased my gown...
  4. That's GREAT! Congrats on the new job.
  5. 50 First Dates : Sean Astin
  6. You've Got Mail : Meg Ryan
  7. Wow...I just picked up my real touch flowers yesterday and I am soooo happy with them! They honestly look and feel real! I am very happy that I chose to go this route! I won't have to worry about wilting flowers anymore!
  8. Definitely Maybe : Isla Fisher
  9. LOL...we all answered at the same time!!! Eagle Eye : Billy Bob Thornton
  10. Julianne Moore : Nine Months
  11. Oliver Platt : Indecent Proposal
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