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  1. To all of my True Blood friends: I need your help! I love True Blood. Help me win the battle that I'm having with my friend. She has posted a poll to show that twilight is better than TB, and I have done the same for True Blood. Winner has to buy the other the series DVD/Movie set. Thanks for your help! Take the poll on Paromantasy Let's go True Blood!! It's on until Sunday Have you ladies been watching the minisodes. They are soo good. I can't wait until Sunday! There is supposed to be a special on Friday too that leads up to Sunday!!
  2. Thanks ladies for all the pics. He is my photographer for my wedding on Nov. 14th..OMG. At least that is one less thing to worry about :-) I agree that he is a doll and I am excited that he is shooting our wedding!!
  3. Thanks Ladies!! I am getting my dress this week and I didn't want to seem cheap. I had no idea what proper etiquette was for this situation. She is a nicce lady and came to my house for fittings, but I am also paying $325 for a hem, a bustle and taking it in a pinch at the top. That is more than I paid for my dress (i got my dress at filenes running of the bride for $225!!)
  4. I get my dress next week and have no idea if a tip is expected and if so how much to give? She owns her own business and I'm paying $320 for hem and bustle and slightly taking in the top. What do you think? Thanks :-)
  5. I just read that too..lol..I cant wait for next season, the next book..all next year :-(
  6. Thanks ladies. I am in the process of checking all the sites now. I have to make sure i get it before we leave..yikes. Have any of you used more than one program to make photobooks? Which was your absolute fave? I want good quality and price :-)
  7. Hey ladies, I am in the process of editing my DIY photos that my MOH helped me with. Where did you ladies go to make your BD photo book? I have no idea! Thanks!!
  8. I wish! My girls all want to wear heels...I would love some flip flops and shells, but they dont want to hear it...I say its on the beach and they say its still a wedding and that gives them a reason to dress up..lol..who knew? must brides have the opposite problem :-)
  9. Sorry to hear about this situation. Personally I would talk to him and tell him how I'm feeling. IF he cant respect how you feel then maybe its time to reevaluate the relationship and see if this is something you can deal with or something you need to step away from. If it was the other way around, how would he like it, especially if he told you how he felt and you didn't take it into consideration. I live by the motto "treat others how you want to be treated" I would never continuously do something that upset my FI and I would expect him to do the same - Especially when it comes to ex girlfri
  10. Thanks ladies...im still confused. The problem is that the girls want to match..can you believe it..lol...they want to coordinate but dont know what to choose....please keep the options flowing :-)
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